Cypher ~ The Unbound

50 Shades of Anima

How to have sex with a goddess

We begin our story where we last left off, Tylar rolling in musk scented clothes, Edgar in possession with a freed Kelsier Harrow and Sevatar and Honsou about to undergo a spirit journey with the Shiraqi. 


Kelsier and Edgar journey back to Crete to meet up with Salvador and Tylar at the workshop. Once there Kelsier reveals that Salvador is an Other. Something that no one else has figured out until now. Everyone but Salvador decide to travel up to the Ozmendium Plutocracy to gather gifts for Steven Exposition. On the journey there Kelsier explains some of Sevatars background and motivations as well as some of the Others that he arrived at this world with. Once there, Tylar finally accomplishes his goal of introducing guns and black powder to this world. They also buy a number of Cyphers and Oddities in the hopes that at least one of them will be of interest to Steven Exposition. Once that had all been accomplished they settle down for the night in a fancy hotel. But before Tylar can drift off to sleep Anima appears to him and talks about how the Shadows responsible for the disappearing towns are caused by the God of Time who goes by the name of Ha-zer or Entropy. Anima also has a brother called Animus who is "The male counterpart to life". Tylar and Anima come to the agreement that he will become her follower and will become branded with her mark, which means that she will be aware of what he is doing at all times. Tylar agrees to this, but only if they engage in sex. She accepts and now Tylar has had his ego boosted to enormous levels.  


Meanwhile back down south Honsou undergoes a spirit journey with the Shiraqi and learns a lot about the fundamental nature of the world, but only in allegory. Once finished, Sevatar and Honsou travel back to Vessimere to bring about an end to the war, on the way there they come up with the conspiracy theory about the various gods of this world.

Once they arrive they instruct the Asmar General Dane Bagwell. But Dane refuses to recall his forces until he is given an order by the governor. However, he will not pursue any more acts of aggression against the Shiraqi until he is told otherwise. While traveling to check up on Campbell Suit a man diesfrom what appears to be drug overdose right in front of Sevatar. After witnessing this death, Sevatar resolves to remove this drug problem from his city whatever it takes. After ensuring that Suit is safe, Sevatar travels to Bexly to discuss the treaty with Bethel Hamilton, Governor of Southern Asmar. She allows the peace treaty to be signed but cautions Sevatar that he should,t remove Cambell Suit from power until he has publicly shamed. She also appoints Sevatar the Mayor of Vessimere until an election can be held.

Once back at Vessimere Sevatar wields his new powers to remove the military presence from Vessimere and issue a warrant for the arrest of Edgar Stokes. Once discovering the location of Stokes it is discovered that there is a small cult of followers that appear to want to secede from the Asmar Rebublic. After a number of Impart Ideals are used to make them believe that an independent Vessimere is a terrible idea, Sevatar manages to clear out the den of cultists and places Edgar Stokes under arrest. 

Honsou, Cog and Sevatar bring Stokes out of the city and into the forest. While out there they hatch a plan to frame Cambell Suit for the war and for him to be publicly shamed in front of the town. For the first part of the plan Sevatar delivers the edited mayors documents of the Shiraqi war to the town media office, where they will print about how it is all Cambell Suits fault for the war. After this, Honsou and Sevatar bind up Cog outside the city and place the Cypher, Another Mans Shoes, onto him. Once this is accomplished Sevatar travels to where he has stashed the Campbell Suit and gets him to put on the shoes. The minds of Cog and Campbell Suit swap bodies and "Suit" gets brought before a lrage number of townspeople and blamed for all the crimes against the Shiraqi and how it was his fault for all of this occurring. "Suit" steps up and accepts all of the blame. 

With the majority of the loose ends tied up, Edgar Stokes and Campbell Suit (now back in his body) are delivered to the Shiraqi to face justice for their crimes. 

With Sevatars current goal of become Mayor of Vessimere achieved, his aspirations turn to larger more important positions. 



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