Cypher ~ The Unbound

Doctor Edgar’s Day Off

Alt title: Weekend at Eddy's

Dr. Edgar Islington has had an epiphany during the night and was found the next day furiously studying and creating technical drawings. He considers this new work to be more important than anything else currently, and does not wish to be disturbed.
This means that he is unavailable to travel to the Nightmare Lands, and is unavailable to do anything for anyone else, including, but not limited to:

  • scanning things
  • investigating things
  • prototyping things
  • building things
  • analysing things
  • cutting things
  • understanding things
  • barriering things
  • counter-measuring things
  • buying things
  • allowing his money to be used to buy things
  • charging things
  • looking at things through his spyglass
  • taking pictures of things with his phone
  • doing anything else with his phone
  • letting people looks at his books (including the book of time)
  • letting people take or use any of his things
  • holding things
  • protecting things
  • babysitting things
  • sitting on things
  • acting as a weight or ballast even though it totally doesn’t stop him from studying things
  • being used as a weapon or projectile by things
  • reading things
  • speaking Hootenese to things
  • talking to things on behalf of other things
  • developing antidotes to things
  • being persuaded to do any of these things or any other things that could conceivably be thought of, even through magical means (he just counters it. I rolled a nat 20 and applied 3 levels of effort I swear)

What Edgar may be doing, aside from studying etc. is:

  • Trying to speak to other Others, to see what their Haze/Lance/Base numbers are and noting them down. In particular looking to see if they have duplicate numbers (eg. 3 Haze, 3 Lance) or if there are 0 numbers (eg. 0 Base 2, Lance), and hoping there aren’t both (eg. 0 Haze, 0 Base). Numbers above 7 are likewise noteworthy.
  • Seeing if the locals have a form of the game Rock, Paper Scissors. Perhaps called Haze, Lance, Base. Or Stone, Crystal, Tree. There is an actual reason for this.
  • Performing sick yoyo tricks. Unless at the request of a party member, in which case he’s busy. There is no reason for this.
  • Getting over his addiction to skunk juice. I just rolled 4 nat 20s in a row to do so, I swear.
  • He may decide to take an airship to another city at some point, if it helps regroup with the party in the next session.


arkore Dungeon_Player

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