Cypher ~ The Unbound

Forgotten the Werewolf

We begin this tale in Whiteridge, one of the cities within the Halidom of Ultan. The Unbound wander around Whiteridge trying to figure out a deal to them within the city proper. Sevatar mails Maxwell Powers for a diplomatic pass for himself and Honsou while Mildred and Tylar talk to a member of the academy about the invention of a phonetic alphabet as well as a typewriter. This invention gives them and the rest of the Unbound a pass to look around the Halidom freely for 30 days. Tylar is approached by a member of the Trap family to see if he can figure out a way to organise a trade deal between Ozmez and Ultan. In return Tylar will get to pick one arifact out of the Trap families vault. Tylar also places an order in with the local blacksmith for a long gunbarrel.


After this has been accomplished The Unbound organize the next steps of their journey. First they will travel to Metronome to figure out what manner of beast has been attacking the town, then they will head to Erast to resolve the drug problem as well as the Rok attacks on nearby towns, then they will head back to Hooberon Tower to get a refill on crystals, they will then the Lance Stone, then the Lindonites and finally head into the Nightmare lands.  


Their destination decided the Unbound travel in their Airship to Metronome, where there have been reports of a large beast that has been captured by Harrid the Red and Mathias. Upon arrival it is immediately noticed that an enormous wolf like creature is trapped in an equally large cage. It turns out that this creature was responsible for the murders of multiple families up and down the river. Sevatar pulls a risky move and decides to read the wolf creatures mind where he discovers that creature is somewhat intelligent and is capable of a rudimentary form of communication. By conversing with the creature, which is dubbed with the name "Forgotten",  it is discovered that this creature is murdering people because of the pollution of the river from the textile industry based in Metronome. 

Honsou also finds out that this creature is filled with an enormous amount of life energy, almost as much energy as the Master of Shadows. Forgotten also want four things stopped, what these things are is currently unknown, but if this "blood debt" is paid, Forgotten will cease the killings and is even willing to help to Unbound. 


Thoroughly confused The Unbound go to Mathias' house to hear his side of the story. They are greeted with a very uptight butler who asks them to wait while he fetches his master. Instead of waiting Tylar decides that he should go out for a walk, aware of his intentions, Sevatar tells Cog to follow Tylar. However Tylar quickly loses Cog in the gardens of the manor and sneaks onto the roof. From there he finds the window to Mathias' room and listens in on the conversation between Mathias and the butler. Deciding to cause some trouble, once the butler has left the room Tylar causes many of the metal objects in the room to shake and fall to the ground while also bursting the water main inside the house. Once Mathias leaves in a huff Tylar sneaks into the room and peruses the different papers that Mathias was working on, however…

In the meantime Sevatar got sick and tired of waiting. He confronted the butler and Commanded him to take him to Mathias. Following the controlled butler Sevatar walks in on Tylar as he was leaving, Tylar makes a graceful exit by stumbling and falling out of window into some bushes. Thankfully the butler was completely unaware of the intrusion and takes Sevatar to Mathias. There Sevatar discovers that it is Mathias that is responsible for the pollution of the river just like in Vessimere. He also discovers that there are 7 factories but 4 factory owners. This mystery solved Sevatar heads back down to the others.


In the meantime Honsou has been meditating on Forgotten and Mildred has been conversing to the local blacksmiths and discovered similar information. In addition she also found out that the first attacks happened near a place called Mandrake. The Unbound decide to head to Mandrake to hopefully discover the source of the problems. Once there they speak to the owner of the local tavern and uncover that a nearby farmer by the name of Harry had lost his wife a 2 daughters to illness and hadn't been seen since. The Unbound head to Harry's house and find 3 graves outside, presumably his wife and 2 daughters. In addition they a small grove that seems to have been untouched by the nearby pollution and in fact seems to be flourishing. Stumped by this source of life Tylar seeks out Anima, who has taken on the form of a very attractive young doe. She convinces him to go into the next step of their pact. This will allow him access to some of her powers as well as communicate with him telepathically but she will be permanently aware of his actions and be able to have some control over his body. 

Once he returns Anima informs him that Harry probably performed some kind of ritual to access the powers of this being. However she is not aware of a way to stop it, short of killing forgotten, and it is doubtful that would even be possible anyway.


Thoroughly stumped the Unbound head back to Metronome to see what they can do… 


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