Cypher ~ The Unbound

House Harrow

House Harrow is the noble house that Sevatar hails from. 

House Harrow is a relatively minor house in comparison with some other houses involved in the various political machinations on the world Auctorius. It doesn't have access to large supply of funds and the number of House Harrow members is dwindling due to the constant skirmishes occurring between houses. 

One thing that House Harrow has going for it is the number of alliances it has managed to gain with more important and influential houses. These alliances have been gained mainly from House Harrows expertise at training small elite task forces that are heavily utilized in the inter-house wars. 

These small task forces, typically known as Corvi, generally number inbetween 5-10 individuals. These individuals are trained to use short swords or spears, and 2 members are trained to use bows or crossbows. Corvi are usually led by a less influential member of a household that are deemed expendable by the ruling members of each house. 

Sevatar was one such member and he led a number of successful "diplomatic" missions against other houses that bought House Harrow useful alliances. His mental abilities as well as his general charisma brought a fierce loyalty from the men he led. Unfortunately the fates of these men are unknown due to the ambush by House Saul and Sevatars transportation to the world known as the Nexus.

House Harrows emblem is a Raven. 


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