Cypher ~ The Unbound

So crazy it just didn't work

Or Sevetar was right all along

The party leaves the location where they gathered the siege bugs and drag a sleeping Mildred to the boat to leave for Vesimir. Before they go Tylar discovers some drugs that could be of use in the nearby forest. They also arrange for the Shiraqi hunter, Mamo, to accompany them to arrange a deal with the Asmarians.

Upon arriving back at Vessimere the party splits up. Tylar to organize for a crime boss to ship and process the drugs from Shiraqi lands, Honsou to meditate with the Lyndonnites on Polani's hand, Sevatar and Edgar talk to the mayor about housing for the newly appointed Vice-Mayor as well the trade deal with the Shiraqi. Campbell Suit gives the go ahead so Sevatar and Edgar talk to Owen Francis about trading the Shiraqi some food in return for the berries necessary to create the soaps. 

Sevatar picks out a house and sends Cog to get some staff to work for him. Upon returning to the Mayor Sevatar explains the parties plan to use the Roc to wash the toxins away from the Shiraqi village. Campbell explains that whenever a Roc comes inland it tends to destroy anything that exists within a very large area around it. With this explained Campbell tells Sevatar that his first job as Vice-Mayor will be to stop the Rok from causing large scale destruction. 

Sevatar only manages to get Edgar to come down to the Shiraqi village with him. In the dead of the night they gather some hunters to help them push the Siegebugs into the lake in hopes that they will stop attracting the Roc. After saving one of the hunters from drowning Sevatar and Edgar take a good nights sleep in the Shiraqi village while waiting for the other party members to arrive. 

In the afternoon when the other party members arrive it is discovered that Tylar has brought down the crime bosses daughter to create a deal with the Shiraqi to trade drugs for food. After a little bit of inter-party sabotage the Shiraqi decline the deal. 

After spending some time in the Shiraqi village a suspicious looking storm approaches. Sevatar hides in the village while the other party members gather in the clearing where the Siegebugs were originally placed. After two hours a Roc appears. It tries eating a few of the Siegebugs but upon discovering that they are dead  it just drops them back into the lake. The party tries to fight the Roc but it is far too powerful and almost kills Mildred. To make matters worse a Rock creature clambers out of the ground and begins feasting on anything metal. With Mildred almost dead and barely any damage being inflicted on the Roc, Sevatar shows up at the clearing and decides that he is going to try what no one else has attempted before. He will speak with the Roc. 

Upon the shocking discovery that Rocs are "intelligent" and capable of conversation Sevatar explains that there aren't anymore Siegebugs up north and it is in the Roc's best interest to fly south to get a meal. Before leaving however the Rok decides it will take the shiniest object with it. In this case that object is Mildred. Sevatar quickly bribes the Rok with some absolutely amazing cooked fish that Tylar had made for lunch and thankfully for Mildred, the Roc accepts this trade.

With the Roc gone the party then gangs up on the Rock monster and in a fit of rage due to the Roc lighting not generating enough power, Edgar pushes on a lighting rod that had been embedded in the Rock monster and manages to get it into the lake. Edgar also turns out to be able to channel the powers of god as a lighting bolt strikes the creature. With the creature incapacitated the warriors of the party decide to take their anger of a failed plan out on this Rock monster. Upon defeat it is discovered that the creature had a core of pure copper, probably from all the lightning rods it ate. 

With the party battered and bruised they take a quick rest in the Shiraqi village, hopefully for the last time, and take the boat back up to Vesimir. 



I gave this post a better title. Also changed Rok to Roc.

So crazy it just didn't work
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