Cypher ~ The Unbound

Shiraqi, Skunks and Owls. Oh my.

The party decides to split to cover more ground. Tylar and Edgar go to the Hooberon Tower to find out what happens to Kelsier while Honsou and Sevatar went down to Vessimere to solve the Shiraqi crisis.

When arriving at Crete, Edgar and Tylar discover that Salvador has hidden from the guards in the workshop. He also co-opted the materiel meant for the balloon and turned then into 3 jetpacks. Edgar decides that he should be the one to test out these jetpacks and goes to the base to do a test launch. It turns out these jetpacks work really well and he very quickly disappeared from view. After soaring though the air for a few minutes Edgar comes across a large floating piece of the Hooberon Tower, at least 100 stories of it. Edgar lands on one of the many balconies and discovers some clockwork robots tending to the gardens on the balconies. He decides that it would be a good idea to not wait for backup and goes on to explore the tower. 

While exploring the tower Edgar discovers that gravity is much lower on the tower and that it is inhabited by a race of very large owl people that call themselves the "Machiahoolians". Most of the Machiahoolians appear to not be particular bright and engage in some sort of blood sport where they beat each other with very large weapons. However Edgar comes across a far more intelligent Machiahoolian called Technician Jeeves. Jeeves tells Edgar how the Tower is constantly falling apart and needs constant repairs from the crystals he grows . These crystals are exactly the same as the crystals that everyone has been obsessing about for a while. He also tells Edgar the whereabouts of Kelsier Harrow. After a "Harrowing" (haha) rescue of Kelsier which involved facing off against a hungry Machiahoolian and an extremely slow skydive off the Tower, Edgar manages to get Kelsier to safety. 


In the mean time, Tylar decides that Edgar must of died on his ascent and goes to rob the meanest and richest man in town. While on the job Tylar comes across a skunk that was kept in a hidden shelf in a hidden bookcase that sprays him with its musk and Tylar becomes addicted to the stuff. He also kills an innocent guard as well as the homeowner but manages to get away with over 200 pieces of gold. 


Before leaving Domswich, Sevatar enlists the assistance of a retired guard and 5 members of the survivors of Nuxvar. After arriving at Vessimere Sevatar quickly gets to work. He finds the mayor, Campbell Suit, and hides him with the survivors he brought with him to make sure that no one else knows where the mayor is, he also destroys all the physical documents linking him to the Shiraqi invasion. He and Honsou then head off to forge a piece deal with the Shiraqi. On the way there they are attacked by a large panther that wipes Honsou's memories of the last 48 hours but they manage to get to the Shiraqi war camp regardless.

Once there, Sevatar forges a peace deal with the Shiraqi war leader Kaoa. Kaoa seems a fair and capable leader who is just looking out for his people. After this deal is made Honsou requests that he go on a spirit journey with the towns shamans to determine what is going wrong with the world.  



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