Cypher ~ The Unbound

Shiraqi Problems and Loadsamoney

Don't pick up more than you can carry

Edgar and Sevatar sell the idea of using waste materials to make detergents to Owen the factory owner. Edgar does some mad scientist stuff to create such a product. Thus earns the party and himself a steady supply of gold.

Meanwhile Tyrus experiments with poison berries to create a shitting potion. Feeds it to a rabbit just as Old Mildred appears and it turns out to be a terrifying monster known as a puffer bunny. Hilarity ensues as they both combat a rabbit the size of a bear in a diarrhea infused rage. The promptly defeat it and go on to poison the towns wells to put the fear of pollution in them. Idrius the clockwork knight is taking a forest nap.

The following day Tyrus proposes that Owen and the Mayor can work out a deal to take the other factory owners waste product to make their detergents which proves fruitful as townspeople run frantically for the toilets.

As the deadline given by Poulani to help alleviate the Shiraqi's pollution problem approaches, the party pitches together to rebuild the factory anew, with some fine rolling by Edgar to make it even better than before. Also netting the party even more gold, well Edgar mostly.

With the pollution taken care of the party prepares to call it a job well done, when they discover a grey robed devout of the Living God Lindon being beaten in the streets. Due to being pinned for poisoning the water. Sevatar with a quick tongue makes the thugs, who are still defecating, leave.

Similarity between Honsu's meditation and Lindon's path to godhood are discovered to have striking similarities.

The final night before going back to see the Shiraqi, Tyrus robs Owen making off with some gold and a cypher. He attempts again at the mayors office and finds all he wanted and much more. Taking the advice of the trickster cat Ethan to grab another cypher he finds that you really shouldn't pick up more than you can carry.

The cyphers he holds exceed his limit and upon setting down a flask of liquid it explodes. He retreats and gives his excess cyphers away to Sevatar. Tyrus finds the next morning that one of his coins seems to have a mind of its own, as it disguises itself as his other coins consuming the others slowly. Greed showing its price.

A boatride up to Sharaqi lands, minding the gliding pythons, finds Poulani none to satisfied with the results. The river is clear but the land is already poison. The soil fouled. The Shiraqi will starve before the land can heal.

The session ends with the party scratching heads to find out how to deal with the problem.

  1. Buy them food to last them till they can feed themselves (Too pricey)
  2. Lure a giant storm wielding roc to wash the taint away (Maybe, nearly impossible)
  3. Make new farms upstream and relocate (Still need immediate food)
  4. Kill the Shiraqi and be done with it (Easy)



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