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Tragedy at Periapsis

by Jean Foster

An explosion occurred at 6:52pm yesterday at Periapsis’ Stockholm Research Facility. Two were killed in the blast, Dr. Edgar Islington (42) and his research assistant Clyde Moreau (26), and many more injured.

According to Periapsis’ official statement, the explosion was caused by a test run of Islington’s latest machine, supposedly some sort of experimental renewable energy device, though details were not provided.

We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further

The facility will be closed for the foreseeable future, until the extensive damage is repaired.

“We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further… it was a crackpot theory to begin with.” comments Jonas Wahlström (55), a colleague of Islington’s, injured in the blast.

Islington’s wife, Isadora, was unavailable for comment.


John: I heard that they were completely vaporised. Must’ve been some explosion.

Tragedy at Periapsis

fairydust: i herd it from my house! i dont live anywher near it

Tragedy at Periapsis

Cony678: wait… so they were completly vaporisd… but everyone else excaped wit only miner injuries??? something doesnt ad up

Tragedy at Periapsis

ProfessorPete: Actually it makes a lot of sense. If they were working on nuclear fusion power, which I guarantee they were based on what was in the article and what periapsis does, they would have been in some shielded room. Basically they created a sun in that room, which burnt out immediately. They get vaporised, but everyone on the outside of the room is pretty safe. Standard procedure when working with this stuff. Lucky for us, their negligence only cost them their own lives, and not the entire planet.

Tragedy at Periapsis

Cony678: but we already have nuclear power??? and the articl says renewable power… like solar power… probably some new kind of solar panel…

Tragedy at Periapsis

extyboyXX: we have nuclear FISSION not FUSION. completely different things. Fusion is what the sun uses. Technically not renewable since the sun will burn out in like 5 billion years. They were porbably working on a way to create antimatter or something.

Tragedy at Periapsis
arkore Dungeon_Player

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