Dr. Edgar Islington

A learned adept who conducts weird science



Scan, by way of Scanner.
Tinker, by way of aptitude.
Lab Analysis, by way of aptitude and a Field Science Kit.
Cutting Light, by way of Cutting Laser
Modify Device, by way of aptitude and a Field Science Kit.
Understanding, by way of aptitude.
Barrier, by way of Shield Projector.
Countermeasures, by way of preparation and numerous devices.
Better Living Through Chemistry, by way of Injections.
Hover, by way of re-purposed Boom Stuff.
Exile, by way of Quantum-static Fluctuator.
Regeneration, by way of Clone Fabrication Unit
Knowing the Unknown, by way of logical conclusions.
Teleportation, by way of Plasma Sceptre.
Weird Science Breakthrough, by way of aptitude.


Astronomy: Trained
Physics: Specialised
Engineering: Specialised
Charm/Persuasion/Etiquette: Inability
Biology: Trained
Reading Common: Specialised
Chemistry: Trained
Quantum-Arcane Field Theory: Specialised
Intellect Defence: Trained


An Avvan from planet Earth.

Edgar was working on a machine that could siphon potentially infinite energy from a source he did not fully understand. Now he understands that the source was other dimensions.

There was a problem, one that Edgar now believes could be rectified, with the device that he built, the Islington Gate. This problem resulted in a catastrophic explosion that sent the good doctor to a strange new world, along with bits and pieces from his workshop, junk from other dimensions that the gate was connected to, and potentially his lab assistant: Clyde Moreau.

He awakened in this new world by a giant tree, known as the Haze Tree, miraculously unharmed, and alongside his new companions: Honsu Osiron, Old Mildred, Tylar Pern and Sevatar Harrow. Idrius was met later.

Now, Edgar wants to rebuild the Islington Gate, fixing the problem that existed before, so that he can return home to his wife, Isadora Islington.

In the meantime, Edgar has the unique opportunity to discover an entire new world, a new universe even, with its strange and wondrous properties, people and artefacts. Also why is everyone an ape-man? Is this literally the planet of the apes? What the hell?

Among the stuff brought through from other dimensions, Edgar found a mysterious book in a language that he can’t read. Is it important? Or is it just a terrible self-help book from another dimension?

Edgar has finally returned home, and has brought with him secrets of the universe, and alien technology. What happens next, could very well set the course of his world and many others for decades to come.

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