Driven Warrior who Metes Out Justice


Killed in the great war against the Mages of Cularus, Idrius was resurrected by two of the gods, known as Travelers, to become their champion. With a clockwork body forged by Ismuth, Traveler of logic, and a heart of silver with the etchings of his soul writ upon it by Quise, Traveler of Wisdom, he was sent on a mission to eradicate the imbalance of magic in his world and force those guilty of performing it to face justice.
However, Idrius performed too well. Being a culmination of man, magic and machine, Idrius became immortal, and unbending in his determination to finish his quest. As the centuries drove by, Idrius grew greater in power and skill. He grew cold and distant from life, and more focussed on his skewed view of justice. This caused a great uprising, and an alliance between many of the people and the archnemeses of Men – magical beasts and the corrupted lost souls of Mages, attempted a coup against Idrius and his cohort, but lost miserably against the eternal drive of Idrius. Many died that day, in the name of hollow justice. Ismuth, looking on, finally saw the truth – Idrius was no longer a champion. He was a fallen idol, a vague memory of greatness from a far gone age.
And so Ismuth sent Idrius on a new quest – to rediscover his humanity, and the meaning of justice, on a new world. Only once his quest is complete will Ismuth finally let him return to Cularus.



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