Tylar Pern

A graceful jack with a stealthy flavor that employs allomancy


An “archeologists” who discovered the last piece of Lacium… ok, maybe more of a theif. But dont let that get out ok? Anyway, consuming this piece of a shard grants him the full powers of a mistborn. This doesn’t really go down well with Harmony, the god of this remade world, and he ends up being knocked out and sent to another world by a trickster being named Hoid.

The untold history.
Tylar is the second son of a second son. Tylar’s grandfather was a trusted Allomantic blacksmith from a line of blacksmiths going back generations. He mixed the various alloys for use by allomancers for sale. His first son took over the business and his second son, Thames, was one of the first of the merchant classes to be accepted into the prestigious University of Steele. Thames left university with a degree in economic management and commerce and went on to found the Pern and Presswell company, with a lower-noble friend he made in university.
Distributors of fine metals and goods Pern and Presswell quickly became part of the wealthy upper merchant class. Thames and his wife Rachelle had two sons; Grayle and Taylar. Grayle, being the elder son by six years also went to Steele University and graduated with a degree in commerce. Tylar entered the university at the age of 18, originally enrolled in the same courses as the rest of his family he soon learned that he had no drive to become a merchant. As the second son he was allowed more freedom to explore his options and eventually enrolled in a major of archaeology with a minor in the natural sciences. Nearing the end of his degree while on a research assignment to the Northern Roughs he received an urgent letter from home. The return journey was delayed by unseasonably rough weather and flooding of the roads. By the time Tylar returned home his family was dead. A fire had taken the lives of his father, mother and grandfather, his brother had been arrested as the arsonist and had died in jail of “an acute infection of the lungs.”
Tylar was left devastated.
After burying his brother (he has missed the funeral for the rest of the family) he set out to restore the family buisness only to find that his fathers will had gone up in flames and that Presswell had submitted a false copy declaring that the Pern half of the company had been ceded to him. Tylar tried to contest the fake will but was stonewalled from the legal system by a united effort of the old noble borne families. Presswell’s wife it turned out had been part of the noble Crontiele family. The family had struck a deal with Presswell. They didn’t like the new up and coming upper class merchants and wanted to put a stop to the competition to their own businesses. Presswell was able to marry into the noble families and retain ownership of the business at the cost of Pern and his life. Tylar, unable to achieve justice in the courts instead sought out the Elendrel Underworld powers and vanished from the light of society.
Tylar spent the next few years working with various crime bosses. Becoming a thief of rare and old artifacts for the black market. Tylar was eventually able to use his status in the underworld to arrange the death of many of the Crontiele family but was unable to get at Presswell or his wife.
Unhappy with the outcome, Tylar became wondering the Roughs in search of himself. After a year of living in the roughs Tylar stumbled upon a cave newly opened after a recent earthquake. Inside he found the ruins of the lost Well of Ascension and a forgotten piece of Lacium. Taking the Lacium he gained the powers of a full Mistborn and on his return to Elendele sought out and killed Presswell and his wife.
Tylar returned to the criminal underworld and again started putting his talents to use until, on a night out drinking, he was hit over the head by a mysterious man named Hoid. He woke in this strange new world vomiting his guts out on a fucking scary tree with a bunch of strangers and with much of his allomanty powers in disarray.

Tylar Pern

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