Cypher ~ The Unbound

50 Shades of Anima
How to have sex with a goddess

We begin our story where we last left off, Tylar rolling in musk scented clothes, Edgar in possession with a freed Kelsier Harrow and Sevatar and Honsou about to undergo a spirit journey with the Shiraqi. 


Kelsier and Edgar journey back to Crete to meet up with Salvador and Tylar at the workshop. Once there Kelsier reveals that Salvador is an Other. Something that no one else has figured out until now. Everyone but Salvador decide to travel up to the Ozmendium Plutocracy to gather gifts for Steven Exposition. On the journey there Kelsier explains some of Sevatars background and motivations as well as some of the Others that he arrived at this world with. Once there, Tylar finally accomplishes his goal of introducing guns and black powder to this world. They also buy a number of Cyphers and Oddities in the hopes that at least one of them will be of interest to Steven Exposition. Once that had all been accomplished they settle down for the night in a fancy hotel. But before Tylar can drift off to sleep Anima appears to him and talks about how the Shadows responsible for the disappearing towns are caused by the God of Time who goes by the name of Ha-zer or Entropy. Anima also has a brother called Animus who is "The male counterpart to life". Tylar and Anima come to the agreement that he will become her follower and will become branded with her mark, which means that she will be aware of what he is doing at all times. Tylar agrees to this, but only if they engage in sex. She accepts and now Tylar has had his ego boosted to enormous levels.  


Meanwhile back down south Honsou undergoes a spirit journey with the Shiraqi and learns a lot about the fundamental nature of the world, but only in allegory. Once finished, Sevatar and Honsou travel back to Vessimere to bring about an end to the war, on the way there they come up with the conspiracy theory about the various gods of this world.

Once they arrive they instruct the Asmar General Dane Bagwell. But Dane refuses to recall his forces until he is given an order by the governor. However, he will not pursue any more acts of aggression against the Shiraqi until he is told otherwise. While traveling to check up on Campbell Suit a man diesfrom what appears to be drug overdose right in front of Sevatar. After witnessing this death, Sevatar resolves to remove this drug problem from his city whatever it takes. After ensuring that Suit is safe, Sevatar travels to Bexly to discuss the treaty with Bethel Hamilton, Governor of Southern Asmar. She allows the peace treaty to be signed but cautions Sevatar that he should,t remove Cambell Suit from power until he has publicly shamed. She also appoints Sevatar the Mayor of Vessimere until an election can be held.

Once back at Vessimere Sevatar wields his new powers to remove the military presence from Vessimere and issue a warrant for the arrest of Edgar Stokes. Once discovering the location of Stokes it is discovered that there is a small cult of followers that appear to want to secede from the Asmar Rebublic. After a number of Impart Ideals are used to make them believe that an independent Vessimere is a terrible idea, Sevatar manages to clear out the den of cultists and places Edgar Stokes under arrest. 

Honsou, Cog and Sevatar bring Stokes out of the city and into the forest. While out there they hatch a plan to frame Cambell Suit for the war and for him to be publicly shamed in front of the town. For the first part of the plan Sevatar delivers the edited mayors documents of the Shiraqi war to the town media office, where they will print about how it is all Cambell Suits fault for the war. After this, Honsou and Sevatar bind up Cog outside the city and place the Cypher, Another Mans Shoes, onto him. Once this is accomplished Sevatar travels to where he has stashed the Campbell Suit and gets him to put on the shoes. The minds of Cog and Campbell Suit swap bodies and "Suit" gets brought before a lrage number of townspeople and blamed for all the crimes against the Shiraqi and how it was his fault for all of this occurring. "Suit" steps up and accepts all of the blame. 

With the majority of the loose ends tied up, Edgar Stokes and Campbell Suit (now back in his body) are delivered to the Shiraqi to face justice for their crimes. 

With Sevatars current goal of become Mayor of Vessimere achieved, his aspirations turn to larger more important positions. 


Shiraqi, Skunks and Owls. Oh my.

The party decides to split to cover more ground. Tylar and Edgar go to the Hooberon Tower to find out what happens to Kelsier while Honsou and Sevatar went down to Vessimere to solve the Shiraqi crisis.

When arriving at Crete, Edgar and Tylar discover that Salvador has hidden from the guards in the workshop. He also co-opted the materiel meant for the balloon and turned then into 3 jetpacks. Edgar decides that he should be the one to test out these jetpacks and goes to the base to do a test launch. It turns out these jetpacks work really well and he very quickly disappeared from view. After soaring though the air for a few minutes Edgar comes across a large floating piece of the Hooberon Tower, at least 100 stories of it. Edgar lands on one of the many balconies and discovers some clockwork robots tending to the gardens on the balconies. He decides that it would be a good idea to not wait for backup and goes on to explore the tower. 

While exploring the tower Edgar discovers that gravity is much lower on the tower and that it is inhabited by a race of very large owl people that call themselves the "Machiahoolians". Most of the Machiahoolians appear to not be particular bright and engage in some sort of blood sport where they beat each other with very large weapons. However Edgar comes across a far more intelligent Machiahoolian called Technician Jeeves. Jeeves tells Edgar how the Tower is constantly falling apart and needs constant repairs from the crystals he grows . These crystals are exactly the same as the crystals that everyone has been obsessing about for a while. He also tells Edgar the whereabouts of Kelsier Harrow. After a "Harrowing" (haha) rescue of Kelsier which involved facing off against a hungry Machiahoolian and an extremely slow skydive off the Tower, Edgar manages to get Kelsier to safety. 


In the mean time, Tylar decides that Edgar must of died on his ascent and goes to rob the meanest and richest man in town. While on the job Tylar comes across a skunk that was kept in a hidden shelf in a hidden bookcase that sprays him with its musk and Tylar becomes addicted to the stuff. He also kills an innocent guard as well as the homeowner but manages to get away with over 200 pieces of gold. 


Before leaving Domswich, Sevatar enlists the assistance of a retired guard and 5 members of the survivors of Nuxvar. After arriving at Vessimere Sevatar quickly gets to work. He finds the mayor, Campbell Suit, and hides him with the survivors he brought with him to make sure that no one else knows where the mayor is, he also destroys all the physical documents linking him to the Shiraqi invasion. He and Honsou then head off to forge a piece deal with the Shiraqi. On the way there they are attacked by a large panther that wipes Honsou's memories of the last 48 hours but they manage to get to the Shiraqi war camp regardless.

Once there, Sevatar forges a peace deal with the Shiraqi war leader Kaoa. Kaoa seems a fair and capable leader who is just looking out for his people. After this deal is made Honsou requests that he go on a spirit journey with the towns shamans to determine what is going wrong with the world.  


House Harrow

House Harrow is the noble house that Sevatar hails from. 

House Harrow is a relatively minor house in comparison with some other houses involved in the various political machinations on the world Auctorius. It doesn't have access to large supply of funds and the number of House Harrow members is dwindling due to the constant skirmishes occurring between houses. 

One thing that House Harrow has going for it is the number of alliances it has managed to gain with more important and influential houses. These alliances have been gained mainly from House Harrows expertise at training small elite task forces that are heavily utilized in the inter-house wars. 

These small task forces, typically known as Corvi, generally number inbetween 5-10 individuals. These individuals are trained to use short swords or spears, and 2 members are trained to use bows or crossbows. Corvi are usually led by a less influential member of a household that are deemed expendable by the ruling members of each house. 

Sevatar was one such member and he led a number of successful "diplomatic" missions against other houses that bought House Harrow useful alliances. His mental abilities as well as his general charisma brought a fierce loyalty from the men he led. Unfortunately the fates of these men are unknown due to the ambush by House Saul and Sevatars transportation to the world known as the Nexus.

House Harrows emblem is a Raven. 

Chasing the Northen Tales
Honey badgers just don't give a fuck

With the party resting at the workshop in Crete, Salvador Dahli knocks on the door, asking about the laser beam he saw last night. Although Sevatar is reluctant, Tylar goes with Salvador to attempt to replicate the explosion. Tylar is told that the crystal is unstable due to missing runes, which may be found on the Lance Stone. Guards visit the rest of the Others to ask about the dangerous beam, which Sevatar deflects. Sevatar and Idrius then go to the townhouse to see if there is a bounty on the beast in the north, which there is (so long as concrete evidence is provided). The group decides to go north to hunt it at Idrius' behest, and see the Lance Stone on the way. 

The party boards a sleek airship and flies over a small town named Briar Glen, nestled between two rivers. Once near the Lance Stone, Tylar jumps off the airship to take a closer look while the rest of the group land at Domswich. It is a town with stone buildings, more closely nestled together to suit the cold. The party visits the House of Bards and questions the landlord, Orlando. They find out that the wanderer Dave is believed to be ill rather than cursed, and the disappearing townsfolk are unrelated. They are told of Joel Billy, a survivor from The Breach, who is currently living in the local poorhouse. While the majority of the party leaves for the poorhouse to speak to Joel Billy, Idrius ventures to the local townhouse for any recent information regarding the beast. He is informed that Nuxvar has fallen into silence, and that the airship captains will no longer fly there. An old aquaintance of the party was the last to head towards it- Captain Ned Guppy. The rest of the party goes to meet Joel, and he tells of how a tall thin stranger appeared in The Breach, and was not welcome. Once some townsfolk tried to forcibly remove him, they were dragged outside and killed, while shadows appeared from nowhere and began to massacre the remaining inhabitants, with Joel as the only escapee.

Meanwhile, Tylar sets up camp just outside the sickening radius of the Lance Stone and begins to study the runes on its surface. At the end of the day, after much vomiting and study, he sleeps between the Stone and a herd of horses, and has strange dreams. The rest of the party visits Guppy's airship, and he regales them with his account of flying toward Nuxvar – about a half-hour's journey from the city, he discovered a stationary airship with only one survivor, Zachary Price. He also looked at Nuxvar through a spy-glass, and while he did see some movement in the town, he also saw some burning buildings and got a thoroughly creepy vibe from the place. Guppy agrees to take the party to Nuxvar when they are next in Domswich, so long as they stay there only during the daylight hours.
According to Guppy, Price told of how his airship was attacked during the night while docked at Nuxvar. He hid in a cupboard, while the rest of his crewmembers fought an unknown assailant. Price heard screams but did not come to their aid, and when he emerged in the morning all his crewmates had disappeared without a trace, except for the signs of the fight they had. After returning to Domswich with Guppy, Zachary immediately begins to travel as far south as he can, warning all he comes across to never head north again.

The next day, the party travels south to meet him and perform tests on the Lance Stone, to the detriment of all. However, they do discover many important things – a binding rune discovered by Honsu within the strings of reality that he sees around the Stone, which Tylar records along with the 16 other legible runes on the Stone's surface (thought there are many more he is as of yet unable to read). Idrius discovers a link between the runes on his heart and on the Stone, and Edgar finds evidence of Others arriving at the Stone around the same to time party arrived in the Nexus. 

The next morning, the party heads over the plains towards Levohaka, a town on the western base of Mount Ozmez, where Idrius has been told that he will find the source of the lycanthrope stories – a man named Maurice Tontonian. After a meal fit for gods, the party finds themselves being followed by four dog-sized honey badgers, who are gaining ground on them. Tylar attempts to distract them with an offering of food, which they eat, but it desn't work – they continue to follow the party. Though Sevatar decides to run to try and escape, Honsu and Idrius choose to stand their ground to fight and protect the slower members of the party. After an intense melee which defies the laws of physics (Honey badgers don't give a fuuuuck, and Honsu responds in kind), the group finds itself carrying two warm and precious honey badger carcasses toward Levohaka.

Upon reaching their destination, Edgar speaks to Beth, the bartender of the local pub called The Low-Level Trader. He asks him about any thin, tall strangers in raggedy clothes. Beth tells him about a man named Rasputin, who seems to be an Other with powers similar to Sevatar. Edgar goes on to ask him about the whereabouts of Maurice Tontonian, who lives in a hovel on the outskirts of town. Tylar, Idrius and Honsu trade Beth the badger carcasses in return for 12 gold, some honey badger stew and the party's lodgings for the night. Idrius then ventures into town to find the local blacksmith, who happens to be a greatsword enthusiast (to put it lightly), and has the pommel of his last greatsword attached to a shiny, finely engraved new one that he buys. He finds a new friend in the blacksmith, who promises that should Idrius return, he will have a master-crafted greatsword waiting for him.

Once reunited with Idrius, the party goes to Maurice's hovel to ask about the disappearances of the villagers in Northrun, and learn more of what they thought to be the beast – a man named Oliver (who had been called Dave by the party), who appears to be accompanied by, or perhaps has the ability to summon, shadow demons similar to those eating the party's extradimensional belongings. Maurice recounts that, while sitting in his farmhouse on the outskirts of town on the night that the beggar Oliver was forced to leave, he saw the town appear to be engulfed in darkness, and heard the sounds of its townfolk dying. He chose to stay in his home, and saw the fire visibly dim, as though something dark was covering it. Once morning came, he explored town a little, but saw no one. In each open doorway he passed, it seemed as though something was hidden inside, lurking in the darkness, after which he fled to Luvohaka.

The group decides to return to Domswich the next morning, in order to fly with Guppy to Nuxvar to investigate. While the rest of the party sleeps, Idrius stands watch with some of the local guards and learns of the organisational structure of the Asmarian's civil protection forces. Sometime during the night, while alone, he is approached by a mysterious and beautiful figure out of the gloom, who cryptically introduces herself as Anima, a goddess of sentient life in the Nexus. She tells Idrius to go see Stephen Exposition, who will answer one question truthfully about anything. He lives at the top of a tower in a town next to Old Man's Lake. She also offers Idrius a gold coin, which he accepts. After bungling the conversation with her completely, Idrius is left alone again to ponder what he was told. He decides not to tell the rest of the party about the visit, and also determines that the coin he was given is the Fortuneteller's Coin, a cypher.

The following day, the group walks down back to Domswich. They pass by a several herds of horses, and Idrius decides to approach them peacefully to discover why the Nexus' inhabitants are so fearful of them. As it turns out, horses are psychic, and one talks to Idrius in his head. They are highly intelligent, and think lowly of men, particularly after men tried to ride them. Although it appears that the two races have a great disdain for each other, the horses allow Idrius to leave unharmed and he returns to the rest of the group to continue travelling south toward Domswich. 

At the outskirts of town, they are stopped by men in green tights hiding in a fake bush by the side of the road. Sevatar convinces them that he is one of them and passes by without his wealth having been 'redistributed', but Tylar gives them poisoned brandy and takes everything they had claimed to return to the townsfolk of Domswich. Sevatar is horrified at this, but Idrius approves, and the two argue about the correctness of Tylar's actions, during which some of his shadier decisions come to light. In town, Tylar returns everything that had been stolen, and the group is told that anyone wearing double green ribbons have bounties on them. They reunite with Old Mildy, who had stayed in Crete but knew to meet the party in Domswich, and they settle in, preparing to leave on Guppy's airship toward Nuxvar in the middle of the night so that they arrive there at daybreak.

The group also discovers the cruel dark magics of lactomancy, while Sevatar and Idrius coin the term sagimancy, a combination of extradimensional science and local magical powers.

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So crazy it just didn't work
Or Sevetar was right all along

The party leaves the location where they gathered the siege bugs and drag a sleeping Mildred to the boat to leave for Vesimir. Before they go Tylar discovers some drugs that could be of use in the nearby forest. They also arrange for the Shiraqi hunter, Mamo, to accompany them to arrange a deal with the Asmarians.

Upon arriving back at Vessimere the party splits up. Tylar to organize for a crime boss to ship and process the drugs from Shiraqi lands, Honsou to meditate with the Lyndonnites on Polani's hand, Sevatar and Edgar talk to the mayor about housing for the newly appointed Vice-Mayor as well the trade deal with the Shiraqi. Campbell Suit gives the go ahead so Sevatar and Edgar talk to Owen Francis about trading the Shiraqi some food in return for the berries necessary to create the soaps. 

Sevatar picks out a house and sends Cog to get some staff to work for him. Upon returning to the Mayor Sevatar explains the parties plan to use the Roc to wash the toxins away from the Shiraqi village. Campbell explains that whenever a Roc comes inland it tends to destroy anything that exists within a very large area around it. With this explained Campbell tells Sevatar that his first job as Vice-Mayor will be to stop the Rok from causing large scale destruction. 

Sevatar only manages to get Edgar to come down to the Shiraqi village with him. In the dead of the night they gather some hunters to help them push the Siegebugs into the lake in hopes that they will stop attracting the Roc. After saving one of the hunters from drowning Sevatar and Edgar take a good nights sleep in the Shiraqi village while waiting for the other party members to arrive. 

In the afternoon when the other party members arrive it is discovered that Tylar has brought down the crime bosses daughter to create a deal with the Shiraqi to trade drugs for food. After a little bit of inter-party sabotage the Shiraqi decline the deal. 

After spending some time in the Shiraqi village a suspicious looking storm approaches. Sevatar hides in the village while the other party members gather in the clearing where the Siegebugs were originally placed. After two hours a Roc appears. It tries eating a few of the Siegebugs but upon discovering that they are dead  it just drops them back into the lake. The party tries to fight the Roc but it is far too powerful and almost kills Mildred. To make matters worse a Rock creature clambers out of the ground and begins feasting on anything metal. With Mildred almost dead and barely any damage being inflicted on the Roc, Sevatar shows up at the clearing and decides that he is going to try what no one else has attempted before. He will speak with the Roc. 

Upon the shocking discovery that Rocs are "intelligent" and capable of conversation Sevatar explains that there aren't anymore Siegebugs up north and it is in the Roc's best interest to fly south to get a meal. Before leaving however the Rok decides it will take the shiniest object with it. In this case that object is Mildred. Sevatar quickly bribes the Rok with some absolutely amazing cooked fish that Tylar had made for lunch and thankfully for Mildred, the Roc accepts this trade.

With the Roc gone the party then gangs up on the Rock monster and in a fit of rage due to the Roc lighting not generating enough power, Edgar pushes on a lighting rod that had been embedded in the Rock monster and manages to get it into the lake. Edgar also turns out to be able to channel the powers of god as a lighting bolt strikes the creature. With the creature incapacitated the warriors of the party decide to take their anger of a failed plan out on this Rock monster. Upon defeat it is discovered that the creature had a core of pure copper, probably from all the lightning rods it ate. 

With the party battered and bruised they take a quick rest in the Shiraqi village, hopefully for the last time, and take the boat back up to Vesimir. 


Closing Deals
Polani Dies and Rok Preparations

The party finds themselves back in Sharaqi territory and attempt to find a solution to the village's food shortage and get them to stop raiding Vesimer's farmsteads. After brief deliberation, the group decides to kill Polani to overthrow the power structure the Sharaqi observe, and force their warriors to stop raiding. Meanwhile, Old Mildred decides to try to hunt Siege Beetles in order to attract a Rok with their corpses and use its storm ability to wash away the remaining poisons from Lake Ziggard and the fields so that crops can be grown more quickly, as well as providing an ample supply of meat for the villagers to eat while they wait for the crops to mature.

Honsu challenges Polani to combat in order to determine who is the best warrior, and Polani accepts. At sundown, the challenge begins – Polani wields two blades while Honsu chooses to fight unarmed. Sevatar gathers a crowd of villagers to watch the fight and places bets with them, while Idrius gambles both his swords in return for a new weapon.

A great battle ensues, with the near-evenly matched Polani and Honsu fighting vigorously to the death, while the rest of the party eagerly watches on and Sevatar shouts vague but helpful advice to his red friend. After losing one of his swords, Polani reveals that his black hand is magical, introducing to the group the first magical inhabitant of Hemas  – so far. Eventually Honsu is victorious, but gets wounded in the process. He takes Polani's black hand and tattoos runes into his own hand using Polani's blood, absorbing the basics of Polani's magic.

After the fight is over, Sevatar speaks to the assembled group of Sharaqi, convincing them to work together to plant new crops, and convinces the warriors of the village to stop raiding foreign farmsteads. He also rakes in one gold from the bets that the villagers lost, since they all stupidly bet on Polani's success. Idrius returns to the blacksmith who originally tried to melt him down for scraps to retrieve his swords and place an order for a new weapon – a gladiator's net that double functions as a cloak, while Edgar places an order for lightning rods in preparation for the party's fight with the Rok. Idrius also talks with one of the village's most travelled men in order to find out just how deeply magic has penetrated the humans of Hemas.

While the majority of the party remains in Sharaqi territory, Sevatar returns with Judy-Anne to Vesimer to speak to the Mayor about the party's success down south, and is promoted to Vice-Mayor of Vesimer. He also makes plans with the Mayor to invade and take over the Sharaqi village, and agrees to return to Vesimer in one week once the Mayor has assembled fifty men to fight, unbeknownst to the rest of the party.

Back at the village, Mildred goes out to find hunters and speaks to them about Siege Beetle hunting, and ends up hunting rabbits for leather with them in order to befriend them. Edgar and Idrius set up six lightning rods in a large circle in the field where Edgar has decided they will attract and fight the Rok, while Honsu meditates to discover the power behind Polani's hand and harness it for himself. Tylar stumbles upon a massive vein of silver and splits it with the villagers, keeping two kilograms of the raw metal for himself. 

Before returning to the Sharaqi village, Sevatar sells two cyphers for a total of forty-six gold and buys a magical hat, which he discovers to be the Amenable Hat. Whoever he gifts it to will immediately become very friendly towards him. He also spends more time decoding the written language of Hemas, and learns more words.

With the help of Honsu, Tylar discovers what the coin from the smashed glass box does – it is actually a Coin Beetle, which disguises itself as a coin and comes out at night to eat gold. After cutting it down to one of three possible coins, Tylar tosses the bag containing them into the lake, ridding himself of the cursed bug.

Though eager to begin the hunt for Siege Beetles, Mildred is forced to wait until Idrius' new weapon can be completed, and in that time Sevatar returns. The party, as a whole once more, moves toward the forest to hunt, and Sevatar shares his secret deal with Honsu while Idrius asks Edgar to scan his heart, which reveals to them that it is a strange computer of sorts, beyond the scope of knowledge of either of them. 

In the forest, the party comes across a clearing which has three Siege Beetles in it, scouted out previously by the Sharaqi hunters. The party encircles them and fights them, defeating the vehicle sized bugs in a haze of blood, guts and glory (and a little bit of brain). With the aid of some Sharaqi emplyed by Mildred, the party drags the carcasses out of the clearing and makes camp, to recover their strength and await the next day. 


Shiraqi Problems and Loadsamoney
Don't pick up more than you can carry

Edgar and Sevatar sell the idea of using waste materials to make detergents to Owen the factory owner. Edgar does some mad scientist stuff to create such a product. Thus earns the party and himself a steady supply of gold.

Meanwhile Tyrus experiments with poison berries to create a shitting potion. Feeds it to a rabbit just as Old Mildred appears and it turns out to be a terrifying monster known as a puffer bunny. Hilarity ensues as they both combat a rabbit the size of a bear in a diarrhea infused rage. The promptly defeat it and go on to poison the towns wells to put the fear of pollution in them. Idrius the clockwork knight is taking a forest nap.

The following day Tyrus proposes that Owen and the Mayor can work out a deal to take the other factory owners waste product to make their detergents which proves fruitful as townspeople run frantically for the toilets.

As the deadline given by Poulani to help alleviate the Shiraqi's pollution problem approaches, the party pitches together to rebuild the factory anew, with some fine rolling by Edgar to make it even better than before. Also netting the party even more gold, well Edgar mostly.

With the pollution taken care of the party prepares to call it a job well done, when they discover a grey robed devout of the Living God Lindon being beaten in the streets. Due to being pinned for poisoning the water. Sevatar with a quick tongue makes the thugs, who are still defecating, leave.

Similarity between Honsu's meditation and Lindon's path to godhood are discovered to have striking similarities.

The final night before going back to see the Shiraqi, Tyrus robs Owen making off with some gold and a cypher. He attempts again at the mayors office and finds all he wanted and much more. Taking the advice of the trickster cat Ethan to grab another cypher he finds that you really shouldn't pick up more than you can carry.

The cyphers he holds exceed his limit and upon setting down a flask of liquid it explodes. He retreats and gives his excess cyphers away to Sevatar. Tyrus finds the next morning that one of his coins seems to have a mind of its own, as it disguises itself as his other coins consuming the others slowly. Greed showing its price.

A boatride up to Sharaqi lands, minding the gliding pythons, finds Poulani none to satisfied with the results. The river is clear but the land is already poison. The soil fouled. The Shiraqi will starve before the land can heal.

The session ends with the party scratching heads to find out how to deal with the problem.

  1. Buy them food to last them till they can feed themselves (Too pricey)
  2. Lure a giant storm wielding roc to wash the taint away (Maybe, nearly impossible)
  3. Make new farms upstream and relocate (Still need immediate food)
  4. Kill the Shiraqi and be done with it (Easy)


Dr. Edgar Islington
An Obituary by Markus Pierre

Edgar Islington was born in London, England on 21st of August 1974 to mother, Esmeralda Islington, and father Thomas Islington.

Named after his mother’s favourite writer, Edgar Allen Poe, young Edgar himself never took to the arts. Instead, he displayed a voracious appetite for knowledge. Coupled with a keen mind, Edgar quickly became bored with the slow pace of traditional education and started making trouble at school. That is, until he was accepted into the Gladstone Institute, an academy for gifted individuals.

Under the proper tutelage, Edgar quickly became a model student, excelling particularly in the fields of science and engineering, which became his lifelong passion

After achieving two Ph.Ds, one for Quantum Physics and the other for Advanced Electrical Engineering, simultaneously, Edgar was offered a prestigious position at Periapsis.

Periapsis, an international research and development organisation, has many research sites around the world. Edgar leapt at the opportunity to work at all of them at least once, for he considered himself a global citizen and loved to travel.

It was when he was working in Paris, however, where he met his wife, Isadora, at a – very illegal – Catacombs party. Supposedly the pair escaped from the police together, and married less than a year later.

Edgar was a strong supporter of peace, equality, nuclear disarmament, and using his inventions to help the world become a better place for everyone.

Though Edgar and his wife had no children, the impact he had on this world, through his work and his deeds, will remain with us for a long time to come. The world is surely poorer for his passing.

Tragedy at Periapsis
by Jean Foster

An explosion occurred at 6:52pm yesterday at Periapsis’ Stockholm Research Facility. Two were killed in the blast, Dr. Edgar Islington (42) and his research assistant Clyde Moreau (26), and many more injured.

According to Periapsis’ official statement, the explosion was caused by a test run of Islington’s latest machine, supposedly some sort of experimental renewable energy device, though details were not provided.

We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further

The facility will be closed for the foreseeable future, until the extensive damage is repaired.

“We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further… it was a crackpot theory to begin with.” comments Jonas Wahlström (55), a colleague of Islington’s, injured in the blast.

Islington’s wife, Isadora, was unavailable for comment.


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