Cypher ~ The Unbound

Closing Deals
Polani Dies and Rok Preparations

The party finds themselves back in Sharaqi territory and attempt to find a solution to the village's food shortage and get them to stop raiding Vesimer's farmsteads. After brief deliberation, the group decides to kill Polani to overthrow the power structure the Sharaqi observe, and force their warriors to stop raiding. Meanwhile, Old Mildred decides to try to hunt Siege Beetles in order to attract a Rok with their corpses and use its storm ability to wash away the remaining poisons from Lake Ziggard and the fields so that crops can be grown more quickly, as well as providing an ample supply of meat for the villagers to eat while they wait for the crops to mature.

Honsu challenges Polani to combat in order to determine who is the best warrior, and Polani accepts. At sundown, the challenge begins – Polani wields two blades while Honsu chooses to fight unarmed. Sevatar gathers a crowd of villagers to watch the fight and places bets with them, while Idrius gambles both his swords in return for a new weapon.

A great battle ensues, with the near-evenly matched Polani and Honsu fighting vigorously to the death, while the rest of the party eagerly watches on and Sevatar shouts vague but helpful advice to his red friend. After losing one of his swords, Polani reveals that his black hand is magical, introducing to the group the first magical inhabitant of Hemas  – so far. Eventually Honsu is victorious, but gets wounded in the process. He takes Polani's black hand and tattoos runes into his own hand using Polani's blood, absorbing the basics of Polani's magic.

After the fight is over, Sevatar speaks to the assembled group of Sharaqi, convincing them to work together to plant new crops, and convinces the warriors of the village to stop raiding foreign farmsteads. He also rakes in one gold from the bets that the villagers lost, since they all stupidly bet on Polani's success. Idrius returns to the blacksmith who originally tried to melt him down for scraps to retrieve his swords and place an order for a new weapon – a gladiator's net that double functions as a cloak, while Edgar places an order for lightning rods in preparation for the party's fight with the Rok. Idrius also talks with one of the village's most travelled men in order to find out just how deeply magic has penetrated the humans of Hemas.

While the majority of the party remains in Sharaqi territory, Sevatar returns with Judy-Anne to Vesimer to speak to the Mayor about the party's success down south, and is promoted to Vice-Mayor of Vesimer. He also makes plans with the Mayor to invade and take over the Sharaqi village, and agrees to return to Vesimer in one week once the Mayor has assembled fifty men to fight, unbeknownst to the rest of the party.

Back at the village, Mildred goes out to find hunters and speaks to them about Siege Beetle hunting, and ends up hunting rabbits for leather with them in order to befriend them. Edgar and Idrius set up six lightning rods in a large circle in the field where Edgar has decided they will attract and fight the Rok, while Honsu meditates to discover the power behind Polani's hand and harness it for himself. Tylar stumbles upon a massive vein of silver and splits it with the villagers, keeping two kilograms of the raw metal for himself. 

Before returning to the Sharaqi village, Sevatar sells two cyphers for a total of forty-six gold and buys a magical hat, which he discovers to be the Amenable Hat. Whoever he gifts it to will immediately become very friendly towards him. He also spends more time decoding the written language of Hemas, and learns more words.

With the help of Honsu, Tylar discovers what the coin from the smashed glass box does – it is actually a Coin Beetle, which disguises itself as a coin and comes out at night to eat gold. After cutting it down to one of three possible coins, Tylar tosses the bag containing them into the lake, ridding himself of the cursed bug.

Though eager to begin the hunt for Siege Beetles, Mildred is forced to wait until Idrius' new weapon can be completed, and in that time Sevatar returns. The party, as a whole once more, moves toward the forest to hunt, and Sevatar shares his secret deal with Honsu while Idrius asks Edgar to scan his heart, which reveals to them that it is a strange computer of sorts, beyond the scope of knowledge of either of them. 

In the forest, the party comes across a clearing which has three Siege Beetles in it, scouted out previously by the Sharaqi hunters. The party encircles them and fights them, defeating the vehicle sized bugs in a haze of blood, guts and glory (and a little bit of brain). With the aid of some Sharaqi emplyed by Mildred, the party drags the carcasses out of the clearing and makes camp, to recover their strength and await the next day. 


Shiraqi Problems and Loadsamoney
Don't pick up more than you can carry

Edgar and Sevatar sell the idea of using waste materials to make detergents to Owen the factory owner. Edgar does some mad scientist stuff to create such a product. Thus earns the party and himself a steady supply of gold.

Meanwhile Tyrus experiments with poison berries to create a shitting potion. Feeds it to a rabbit just as Old Mildred appears and it turns out to be a terrifying monster known as a puffer bunny. Hilarity ensues as they both combat a rabbit the size of a bear in a diarrhea infused rage. The promptly defeat it and go on to poison the towns wells to put the fear of pollution in them. Idrius the clockwork knight is taking a forest nap.

The following day Tyrus proposes that Owen and the Mayor can work out a deal to take the other factory owners waste product to make their detergents which proves fruitful as townspeople run frantically for the toilets.

As the deadline given by Poulani to help alleviate the Shiraqi's pollution problem approaches, the party pitches together to rebuild the factory anew, with some fine rolling by Edgar to make it even better than before. Also netting the party even more gold, well Edgar mostly.

With the pollution taken care of the party prepares to call it a job well done, when they discover a grey robed devout of the Living God Lindon being beaten in the streets. Due to being pinned for poisoning the water. Sevatar with a quick tongue makes the thugs, who are still defecating, leave.

Similarity between Honsu's meditation and Lindon's path to godhood are discovered to have striking similarities.

The final night before going back to see the Shiraqi, Tyrus robs Owen making off with some gold and a cypher. He attempts again at the mayors office and finds all he wanted and much more. Taking the advice of the trickster cat Ethan to grab another cypher he finds that you really shouldn't pick up more than you can carry.

The cyphers he holds exceed his limit and upon setting down a flask of liquid it explodes. He retreats and gives his excess cyphers away to Sevatar. Tyrus finds the next morning that one of his coins seems to have a mind of its own, as it disguises itself as his other coins consuming the others slowly. Greed showing its price.

A boatride up to Sharaqi lands, minding the gliding pythons, finds Poulani none to satisfied with the results. The river is clear but the land is already poison. The soil fouled. The Shiraqi will starve before the land can heal.

The session ends with the party scratching heads to find out how to deal with the problem.

  1. Buy them food to last them till they can feed themselves (Too pricey)
  2. Lure a giant storm wielding roc to wash the taint away (Maybe, nearly impossible)
  3. Make new farms upstream and relocate (Still need immediate food)
  4. Kill the Shiraqi and be done with it (Easy)


Dr. Edgar Islington
An Obituary by Markus Pierre

Edgar Islington was born in London, England on 21st of August 1974 to mother, Esmeralda Islington, and father Thomas Islington.

Named after his mother’s favourite writer, Edgar Allen Poe, young Edgar himself never took to the arts. Instead, he displayed a voracious appetite for knowledge. Coupled with a keen mind, Edgar quickly became bored with the slow pace of traditional education and started making trouble at school. That is, until he was accepted into the Gladstone Institute, an academy for gifted individuals.

Under the proper tutelage, Edgar quickly became a model student, excelling particularly in the fields of science and engineering, which became his lifelong passion

After achieving two Ph.Ds, one for Quantum Physics and the other for Advanced Electrical Engineering, simultaneously, Edgar was offered a prestigious position at Periapsis.

Periapsis, an international research and development organisation, has many research sites around the world. Edgar leapt at the opportunity to work at all of them at least once, for he considered himself a global citizen and loved to travel.

It was when he was working in Paris, however, where he met his wife, Isadora, at a – very illegal – Catacombs party. Supposedly the pair escaped from the police together, and married less than a year later.

Edgar was a strong supporter of peace, equality, nuclear disarmament, and using his inventions to help the world become a better place for everyone.

Though Edgar and his wife had no children, the impact he had on this world, through his work and his deeds, will remain with us for a long time to come. The world is surely poorer for his passing.

Tragedy at Periapsis
by Jean Foster

An explosion occurred at 6:52pm yesterday at Periapsis’ Stockholm Research Facility. Two were killed in the blast, Dr. Edgar Islington (42) and his research assistant Clyde Moreau (26), and many more injured.

According to Periapsis’ official statement, the explosion was caused by a test run of Islington’s latest machine, supposedly some sort of experimental renewable energy device, though details were not provided.

We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further

The facility will be closed for the foreseeable future, until the extensive damage is repaired.

“We will definitely not be pursuing [Edgar’s] work any further… it was a crackpot theory to begin with.” comments Jonas Wahlström (55), a colleague of Islington’s, injured in the blast.

Islington’s wife, Isadora, was unavailable for comment.


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