Cypher ~ The Unbound

To the Lands of Nightmare!
We're here to get rich right?

We begin this tale in with Sevatar speaking to Maria Whitehead. Through describing his various deeds to Maria he gains her trust. Sevatar also informs Maria that the Quiet Men are after her, she appears to be extremely afraid of them and decides that she must go into hiding. Before she does so she gives Sevatar a summoning stone that when activated will alert her to Sevatars location. Togther, Maria and Sevatar fight a Rok that had been threatening a nearby town. Sevatar is carried up the mountain before convincing the Rok that it should go elsewhere. 


Sevatar hikes the rest of the way up the mountain before arriving at the Lyndon Monastery. There he bumps into a strange individual that goes by the name of Ash Williams. Ash want him to read his strange book bound in "flesh". Sevatar kindly declines and meets up with the rest of the party as they are leaving Lyndons room.

It is decided that the Unbound plus Ash Williams will grab some Salamander venom to deliver to an Ultan contact before they finally heading into the Nightmare Lands. The Salander attack goes off without a hitch. Edgar suffering the only wound when he makes and explosive mistake when cutting up a venom sack. 

The Unbound head back to the Halidom of Ultan and deliver the venom to Dr. Kaboom. Why they think this is a good idea is beyond Sevatar. But afterwards the Unbound finally head to the Nightmare Lands, which they have been putting off for weeks. Sevatar has to say goodbye to his bodyguards as the Concordia (the airship) does not have enough space now that Jockser has taken their spaces. 

The journey will take 2 days so everyone sleeps halfway through the trip. During this sleep the shadow creature that has been hounding the Unbound since the beginning attacks them. Thankfully Sevatar and Ash are on point and manage to force the creature back into its portal before forcefully closing it. Everyone then settles in a lovely nights rest. 

Upon arrival into the Nightmare Lands the party decides to go to the Samatek Ruins due to the fact that is has been rarely explored and likely contains many goodies for the taking.  When they get there the Unbound explore the nearby Ziggurat. In the Ziggurat they discover a vault full of rare gems and cyphers.  It is in that vault that this tale ends. 



Lyndon the Living Regular Guy
"He's better at exposition than that Steven guy"

Our tale picks up at the camp near the Town of Shown, where the bug puppet things were. Maria Whitehead, who we now realize is a very plausible candidate for the Immortal Empress, has left in the night, leaving a note explaining that she is going to deal with the Roc problem.

Resolving to meet up with her later, we head off to Whiteridge in the Halidom of Ultan. Tylar and Mildred check up on their enterprises, their typewriter, deliveries and religion, Edgar plays tourist and Honsu works on a rune of unbinding.

Mildred, while looking for someone to upgrade her weapons, meets with a trader/inventor by the name of Dr. Lucian Kablamo, who can create a rocket-powered axe or a flaming sword, by way of a special fuel he has developed. Mildred wants to get her hands on the fuel, but her negotiations are interrupted when her axe is stolen.

Then proceeds the slowest, least exciting chase scene ever. Which concludes with the would be thief struggling to get over a wall and being pulled back over by Mildred. Turns out the thief is an old friend of Mildred from her own world, and shady past. An old fellow by the name of Jockser.

After a brief catch up, Jockser is arrested by the guards and put into the lock up. Mildred concludes her business with Dr. Kablamo then fills us in on what happened. So we all go visit Jockser, question him a bit, and agree to take him off the Ultan people's hands. So now he follows us around, like a shitter, older Cog.

Anyway, it turns out Tylar and Mildy have a quest that they got from this city last time they were here that they have been neglecting. A husband to be has gone missing from his home in the town of Hammer Pass. A man by the name of Valentin Moro. So we fly on up there and investigate.

It's suspected that he got a bout of "Mountain Madness", some form of sudden depression that happens sometimes that causes people to wander into the wilderness and die. However, after investigating his house/workshop, it is discovered that he was kidnapped and had his research stolen by three Ozmendian men. Using a convenient Cypher that Tylar found in his house that can see into the past, we managed to track them into the wilderness, down a cliff, to a little halfway hut. They were long gone by the time we got there, however we did have to take shelter there from, not one, but two Tyrannosaurus Rexes!

After the monstrous beasts lost interest, we continued following the trail until we came across a road and a pub. After interrogating the pub owner, we discover that the Megats, the ruling family in Ozmez and the owners of the Pinnacle bank, are behind the kidnapping, and Valentin has most likely been taken to Ozmez. Concluding that the trail has gone cold and Valentin is most likely safe for the time being, we resolve to sort it out later and continue up the mountain.

Flying up to the mountain, we land at a monastery that has been carved into the side of the mountain. We have a quick chat with a monk named Abdul who tells us that a number of his brethren were sent out by Lyndon, about a week ago to perform some sort of binding rituals on the anchors, the Haze Tree, Lance Stone and Base Crystal.

He takes us to his superior, Master DeWitt who allows us to view Lyndon, whilst informing us that he doesn't wake up. As we enter Lyndon immediately wakes up and lays down the lore.

The information shared with us is going to summarized in dot point form:

  • Lyndon does not consider himself a god, and scans suggest he is, indeed, just a regular Asmarian man.
  • When he meditates, his soul wanders the multiverse, including brief forays into the void between worlds.
  • The void is the ends of things, but there are forms of life native to the place. They are the Weavers and the Shades.
  • Weavers bind worlds to the Nexus somehow, and Lyndon believes that one has taken an interest in Honsu. These creatures could forge a road home.
  • Shades are formed when the balance between worlds is upset. They begin life as a multicoloured slug, AKA, a blink slug, before metamorphing into a humanoid shadow form. In this form they try to consume as much extra-dimensional material as they can in order to mature. Once matured they will attempt to consume Others to restore balance. The only thing they can't cut through, or rather can only cut through once, is the silk of their cocoon.
  • There are three Archfiends of Order, Hazer, Lancer and Baser. They strive to bring absolute order to the multiverse, which will bring about its end. Balance between order and chaos must be maintained.
  • They can manifest shadows as minions of their will.
  • They are trapped in the prisons, but there has been a sharp swing towards order recently that Lyndon believes they are behind somehow.
  • These archfiends are what bring people to the Nexus. They do so to gain influence outside their prisons, though the exact mechanisms for doing so are a little unclear.
  • Returning people to their own realms will restore balance and foil the machinations of the fiends.
  • The Chaos God, and seven armed fellow called Zai'di'shar, was the one that imprisoned the fiends in the anchors, but he has grown weak recently.
  • Lyndon believes that there is an entity in the Nightmare lands that wanders the astral planes. A being called Return-renew, known by the insect people as Keten-Neket. It is believed that this entity could return people to their home worlds.

Our session with Lyndon, however, is far from over. Any further questions may still be asked of him, next time.

Mind Magics Ahoy
Isn't this what Sevatar does?

Begininng this tale Honsou, Idrius and I travel from Vessimere to Hullbeck after our crime fighting escapade. Upon arrival we meet up with Edgar who tells us what transpired in while we were absent. Apparently after meeting Rasputin and deciding that he isn't the nicest guy around, Tylar in typical fashion poisoned him. However after dying Rasputin stood back up, as if he had never died. Edgar, Mildred and Tylar quickly left his residence, probably a rather clever decision. 


Figuring that we need more information on Rasputin and how much control he has over this town we decide to do some information gathering. All of the Unbound except for Tylar (thank goodness) head to the market place and speak to a vendor. This vendor appeared to be under Rasputins influence and thought very highly of him. After chatting with this man for a little while, Rasputin himself appeared. 


Edgar talks to Rasputin trying to figure what coordinates he received upon arriving at the Nexus. Rasputin declines to answer and so I try to read his mind. Upon detecting the mental intrusion he places me in some sort of stasis, freezing me in place. Honsou then steps in and grabs Rasputin, however Rasputin falls to the ground apprently unconcious. Honsou and Mildred then suddenly decide that the best course of action is to take him to the towns medic. Coming out of stasis I convince Honsu to release Rasputin, but then Honsu attacks me!

Thankfully I had hired a few bodyguards and they manage to pull me aside before a lot of damage is done, however I still received a nasty bruise to my face. It seems as if Rasputin was compelling Honsu to attack me. Suddenly Edgar stabs Honsu with an anti-magic spike, draining Honsu of all his powers. Edgar and Idrius then agree that they should be taking Rasputin to the medics as well. With the rest of the party seemingly under Rasputins control or otherwise incapcitated I decide that the guards had better be rallied to stop Rasputin from causing any more damage.


I head to the guard house and requisition some guards to help me search for Rasputin as well as figure out which guards are under his control. With this additional help in tow I head to the medics office with the rest of the party standing outside. Edgar seems to have completely forgotten what occurred in the last few hours while Idrius and Mildred are stupidly standing outside the front door. After shoving past the "obstructions" I entered the medics office. However both the Nurse and the Medic herself have had their minds wiped and Rasputin has left out the backdoor.  


After that debacle I decide that the best course of action is to contact the governor, Terrance Garris, and try to get his help. On the way there we bump into Tylar and a young priestess of Numenism. Tylar must've accosted or intimidated the young women into coming along. However upon arriving and talking to Terrance, who seems like a amicable individual, he gives me to right to pursue Rasputin while within his jurisdiction. 


The Unbound then form a plan to capture Rasputin after his party has wound down and take him out of the city which involves us trapping in a crystal. Infiltrating the villa goes off without a hitch and we manage to drug Rasputin and drag him halfway to the airship before a party pumps into us. We explain that this man had a fall and that we are taking him a doctor to get looked at. 

In the mean time the more slow-witted members of the party decide that now is the best to cause an extremely loud distraction when a distraction was not needed. Thankfully Honsu manages to get Rasputin to the airship and the lock him in the coffin we brought with us. But it seemed we underestimated Rasputins power and he was using his non-corpereal form to move the airship away. Tylar manages to get on board and bring the airship back to above the villa. In an act of desperation  Honsu drains one of the ships crystals and blasts Rasputin with all of the inbuilt power. 

In remains to be seen however if this had any lasting effect. 

Sevatar takes a few days off
Sevatar fighting crime

Before leaving Metronome


Sevatar will discuss the details on the "mutually beneficial arrangement" between Mayor Biggles and himself. These details will involve convincing Biggles that Sevatar gets the equivalent of one factory owners worth of salary and Biggles gets to keep the rest of the profits. In addition a trade deal will be established between Vesimere and Metronome, in which Vesimere will trade it's paper for Metronomes textiles. Biggles and Sevatar will also agree to assist each other politically in the future.


Day 1: Arriving in Vesimere


After arriving in Vesimere, Sevatar will meet with Kelsier and Gerald to discuss what information they have gathered they have gathered on the crime syndicate and whether or not Yondremed is confirmed to be the Tiny Bull.

Sevatar will also discuss with his employees and finally collect the list of Others that they have been working on for the last month. Sevatar will then assign them to compile a list on every governor that exists within the Asmar Republic. In addition, he will get them too make another list of every mayor that votes in electing the Southern Province Governor.

After all that Sevatar will drastically change his look, he'll wear scruffy clothes and even dirty himself a little. He'll then head to bar where it is believed that the drugs are coming from (Petulance and Poultice?). Using his various powers including but not limited to, Fast Talk, Command, Grand Deception, Mind Reading and Erase Memories, Sevatar will try to figure out various details of the criminal underground that works in Vesimere. Notably he will try to discover the hierarchy of the criminal operations, the major locations that they work out of, who in Vesimere has major connections with them and if they have any major connections to criminal elements based in other towns.

Once deciding to have discovered a satisfactory amount Sevatar will retire for the night in his mansion.


Day 2: Removing Corruption


Sevatar will go through the Vesimere city guard interviewing them. In this interview he will ask various questions involving where their loyalties lie. Using these questions and his various abilities Sevatar will determine which guards are the most loyal to him and which are under someone else's influences. All of the guards that are on someone else's payroll will be very closely watched by the more loyal guards. In addition any higher ranked individuals that were suspected of being corrupt will have warrants written up for them, but their arrests will not be carried out at this moment. 

Sevatar will also write up warrants on Yondramed, Raphmol and other individuals that were found out to be part of the criminal underground. 


Day 3: The Tiny Bull

It's on this day that Sevatar will attempt to meet with The Tiny Bull. Sevatar will head over to The Tiny Bulls headquarters with a contingent of guards that were determined to be loyal. Once there Sevatar will convince any of The Tiny Bulls guards to leave the area. The meeting will then take place to determine what Sevatar does with The Tiny Bull. 

Forgotten the Werewolf

We begin this tale in Whiteridge, one of the cities within the Halidom of Ultan. The Unbound wander around Whiteridge trying to figure out a deal to them within the city proper. Sevatar mails Maxwell Powers for a diplomatic pass for himself and Honsou while Mildred and Tylar talk to a member of the academy about the invention of a phonetic alphabet as well as a typewriter. This invention gives them and the rest of the Unbound a pass to look around the Halidom freely for 30 days. Tylar is approached by a member of the Trap family to see if he can figure out a way to organise a trade deal between Ozmez and Ultan. In return Tylar will get to pick one arifact out of the Trap families vault. Tylar also places an order in with the local blacksmith for a long gunbarrel.


After this has been accomplished The Unbound organize the next steps of their journey. First they will travel to Metronome to figure out what manner of beast has been attacking the town, then they will head to Erast to resolve the drug problem as well as the Rok attacks on nearby towns, then they will head back to Hooberon Tower to get a refill on crystals, they will then the Lance Stone, then the Lindonites and finally head into the Nightmare lands.  


Their destination decided the Unbound travel in their Airship to Metronome, where there have been reports of a large beast that has been captured by Harrid the Red and Mathias. Upon arrival it is immediately noticed that an enormous wolf like creature is trapped in an equally large cage. It turns out that this creature was responsible for the murders of multiple families up and down the river. Sevatar pulls a risky move and decides to read the wolf creatures mind where he discovers that creature is somewhat intelligent and is capable of a rudimentary form of communication. By conversing with the creature, which is dubbed with the name "Forgotten",  it is discovered that this creature is murdering people because of the pollution of the river from the textile industry based in Metronome. 

Honsou also finds out that this creature is filled with an enormous amount of life energy, almost as much energy as the Master of Shadows. Forgotten also want four things stopped, what these things are is currently unknown, but if this "blood debt" is paid, Forgotten will cease the killings and is even willing to help to Unbound. 


Thoroughly confused The Unbound go to Mathias' house to hear his side of the story. They are greeted with a very uptight butler who asks them to wait while he fetches his master. Instead of waiting Tylar decides that he should go out for a walk, aware of his intentions, Sevatar tells Cog to follow Tylar. However Tylar quickly loses Cog in the gardens of the manor and sneaks onto the roof. From there he finds the window to Mathias' room and listens in on the conversation between Mathias and the butler. Deciding to cause some trouble, once the butler has left the room Tylar causes many of the metal objects in the room to shake and fall to the ground while also bursting the water main inside the house. Once Mathias leaves in a huff Tylar sneaks into the room and peruses the different papers that Mathias was working on, however…

In the meantime Sevatar got sick and tired of waiting. He confronted the butler and Commanded him to take him to Mathias. Following the controlled butler Sevatar walks in on Tylar as he was leaving, Tylar makes a graceful exit by stumbling and falling out of window into some bushes. Thankfully the butler was completely unaware of the intrusion and takes Sevatar to Mathias. There Sevatar discovers that it is Mathias that is responsible for the pollution of the river just like in Vessimere. He also discovers that there are 7 factories but 4 factory owners. This mystery solved Sevatar heads back down to the others.


In the meantime Honsou has been meditating on Forgotten and Mildred has been conversing to the local blacksmiths and discovered similar information. In addition she also found out that the first attacks happened near a place called Mandrake. The Unbound decide to head to Mandrake to hopefully discover the source of the problems. Once there they speak to the owner of the local tavern and uncover that a nearby farmer by the name of Harry had lost his wife a 2 daughters to illness and hadn't been seen since. The Unbound head to Harry's house and find 3 graves outside, presumably his wife and 2 daughters. In addition they a small grove that seems to have been untouched by the nearby pollution and in fact seems to be flourishing. Stumped by this source of life Tylar seeks out Anima, who has taken on the form of a very attractive young doe. She convinces him to go into the next step of their pact. This will allow him access to some of her powers as well as communicate with him telepathically but she will be permanently aware of his actions and be able to have some control over his body. 

Once he returns Anima informs him that Harry probably performed some kind of ritual to access the powers of this being. However she is not aware of a way to stop it, short of killing forgotten, and it is doubtful that would even be possible anyway.


Thoroughly stumped the Unbound head back to Metronome to see what they can do… 

Doctor Edgar’s Day Off
Alt title: Weekend at Eddy's

Dr. Edgar Islington has had an epiphany during the night and was found the next day furiously studying and creating technical drawings. He considers this new work to be more important than anything else currently, and does not wish to be disturbed.
This means that he is unavailable to travel to the Nightmare Lands, and is unavailable to do anything for anyone else, including, but not limited to:

  • scanning things
  • investigating things
  • prototyping things
  • building things
  • analysing things
  • cutting things
  • understanding things
  • barriering things
  • counter-measuring things
  • buying things
  • allowing his money to be used to buy things
  • charging things
  • looking at things through his spyglass
  • taking pictures of things with his phone
  • doing anything else with his phone
  • letting people looks at his books (including the book of time)
  • letting people take or use any of his things
  • holding things
  • protecting things
  • babysitting things
  • sitting on things
  • acting as a weight or ballast even though it totally doesn’t stop him from studying things
  • being used as a weapon or projectile by things
  • reading things
  • speaking Hootenese to things
  • talking to things on behalf of other things
  • developing antidotes to things
  • being persuaded to do any of these things or any other things that could conceivably be thought of, even through magical means (he just counters it. I rolled a nat 20 and applied 3 levels of effort I swear)

What Edgar may be doing, aside from studying etc. is:

  • Trying to speak to other Others, to see what their Haze/Lance/Base numbers are and noting them down. In particular looking to see if they have duplicate numbers (eg. 3 Haze, 3 Lance) or if there are 0 numbers (eg. 0 Base 2, Lance), and hoping there aren’t both (eg. 0 Haze, 0 Base). Numbers above 7 are likewise noteworthy.
  • Seeing if the locals have a form of the game Rock, Paper Scissors. Perhaps called Haze, Lance, Base. Or Stone, Crystal, Tree. There is an actual reason for this.
  • Performing sick yoyo tricks. Unless at the request of a party member, in which case he’s busy. There is no reason for this.
  • Getting over his addiction to skunk juice. I just rolled 4 nat 20s in a row to do so, I swear.
  • He may decide to take an airship to another city at some point, if it helps regroup with the party in the next session.
50 Shades of Anima
How to have sex with a goddess

We begin our story where we last left off, Tylar rolling in musk scented clothes, Edgar in possession with a freed Kelsier Harrow and Sevatar and Honsou about to undergo a spirit journey with the Shiraqi. 


Kelsier and Edgar journey back to Crete to meet up with Salvador and Tylar at the workshop. Once there Kelsier reveals that Salvador is an Other. Something that no one else has figured out until now. Everyone but Salvador decide to travel up to the Ozmendium Plutocracy to gather gifts for Steven Exposition. On the journey there Kelsier explains some of Sevatars background and motivations as well as some of the Others that he arrived at this world with. Once there, Tylar finally accomplishes his goal of introducing guns and black powder to this world. They also buy a number of Cyphers and Oddities in the hopes that at least one of them will be of interest to Steven Exposition. Once that had all been accomplished they settle down for the night in a fancy hotel. But before Tylar can drift off to sleep Anima appears to him and talks about how the Shadows responsible for the disappearing towns are caused by the God of Time who goes by the name of Ha-zer or Entropy. Anima also has a brother called Animus who is "The male counterpart to life". Tylar and Anima come to the agreement that he will become her follower and will become branded with her mark, which means that she will be aware of what he is doing at all times. Tylar agrees to this, but only if they engage in sex. She accepts and now Tylar has had his ego boosted to enormous levels.  


Meanwhile back down south Honsou undergoes a spirit journey with the Shiraqi and learns a lot about the fundamental nature of the world, but only in allegory. Once finished, Sevatar and Honsou travel back to Vessimere to bring about an end to the war, on the way there they come up with the conspiracy theory about the various gods of this world.

Once they arrive they instruct the Asmar General Dane Bagwell. But Dane refuses to recall his forces until he is given an order by the governor. However, he will not pursue any more acts of aggression against the Shiraqi until he is told otherwise. While traveling to check up on Campbell Suit a man diesfrom what appears to be drug overdose right in front of Sevatar. After witnessing this death, Sevatar resolves to remove this drug problem from his city whatever it takes. After ensuring that Suit is safe, Sevatar travels to Bexly to discuss the treaty with Bethel Hamilton, Governor of Southern Asmar. She allows the peace treaty to be signed but cautions Sevatar that he should,t remove Cambell Suit from power until he has publicly shamed. She also appoints Sevatar the Mayor of Vessimere until an election can be held.

Once back at Vessimere Sevatar wields his new powers to remove the military presence from Vessimere and issue a warrant for the arrest of Edgar Stokes. Once discovering the location of Stokes it is discovered that there is a small cult of followers that appear to want to secede from the Asmar Rebublic. After a number of Impart Ideals are used to make them believe that an independent Vessimere is a terrible idea, Sevatar manages to clear out the den of cultists and places Edgar Stokes under arrest. 

Honsou, Cog and Sevatar bring Stokes out of the city and into the forest. While out there they hatch a plan to frame Cambell Suit for the war and for him to be publicly shamed in front of the town. For the first part of the plan Sevatar delivers the edited mayors documents of the Shiraqi war to the town media office, where they will print about how it is all Cambell Suits fault for the war. After this, Honsou and Sevatar bind up Cog outside the city and place the Cypher, Another Mans Shoes, onto him. Once this is accomplished Sevatar travels to where he has stashed the Campbell Suit and gets him to put on the shoes. The minds of Cog and Campbell Suit swap bodies and "Suit" gets brought before a lrage number of townspeople and blamed for all the crimes against the Shiraqi and how it was his fault for all of this occurring. "Suit" steps up and accepts all of the blame. 

With the majority of the loose ends tied up, Edgar Stokes and Campbell Suit (now back in his body) are delivered to the Shiraqi to face justice for their crimes. 

With Sevatars current goal of become Mayor of Vessimere achieved, his aspirations turn to larger more important positions. 


Shiraqi, Skunks and Owls. Oh my.

The party decides to split to cover more ground. Tylar and Edgar go to the Hooberon Tower to find out what happens to Kelsier while Honsou and Sevatar went down to Vessimere to solve the Shiraqi crisis.

When arriving at Crete, Edgar and Tylar discover that Salvador has hidden from the guards in the workshop. He also co-opted the materiel meant for the balloon and turned then into 3 jetpacks. Edgar decides that he should be the one to test out these jetpacks and goes to the base to do a test launch. It turns out these jetpacks work really well and he very quickly disappeared from view. After soaring though the air for a few minutes Edgar comes across a large floating piece of the Hooberon Tower, at least 100 stories of it. Edgar lands on one of the many balconies and discovers some clockwork robots tending to the gardens on the balconies. He decides that it would be a good idea to not wait for backup and goes on to explore the tower. 

While exploring the tower Edgar discovers that gravity is much lower on the tower and that it is inhabited by a race of very large owl people that call themselves the "Machiahoolians". Most of the Machiahoolians appear to not be particular bright and engage in some sort of blood sport where they beat each other with very large weapons. However Edgar comes across a far more intelligent Machiahoolian called Technician Jeeves. Jeeves tells Edgar how the Tower is constantly falling apart and needs constant repairs from the crystals he grows . These crystals are exactly the same as the crystals that everyone has been obsessing about for a while. He also tells Edgar the whereabouts of Kelsier Harrow. After a "Harrowing" (haha) rescue of Kelsier which involved facing off against a hungry Machiahoolian and an extremely slow skydive off the Tower, Edgar manages to get Kelsier to safety. 


In the mean time, Tylar decides that Edgar must of died on his ascent and goes to rob the meanest and richest man in town. While on the job Tylar comes across a skunk that was kept in a hidden shelf in a hidden bookcase that sprays him with its musk and Tylar becomes addicted to the stuff. He also kills an innocent guard as well as the homeowner but manages to get away with over 200 pieces of gold. 


Before leaving Domswich, Sevatar enlists the assistance of a retired guard and 5 members of the survivors of Nuxvar. After arriving at Vessimere Sevatar quickly gets to work. He finds the mayor, Campbell Suit, and hides him with the survivors he brought with him to make sure that no one else knows where the mayor is, he also destroys all the physical documents linking him to the Shiraqi invasion. He and Honsou then head off to forge a piece deal with the Shiraqi. On the way there they are attacked by a large panther that wipes Honsou's memories of the last 48 hours but they manage to get to the Shiraqi war camp regardless.

Once there, Sevatar forges a peace deal with the Shiraqi war leader Kaoa. Kaoa seems a fair and capable leader who is just looking out for his people. After this deal is made Honsou requests that he go on a spirit journey with the towns shamans to determine what is going wrong with the world.  


House Harrow

House Harrow is the noble house that Sevatar hails from. 

House Harrow is a relatively minor house in comparison with some other houses involved in the various political machinations on the world Auctorius. It doesn't have access to large supply of funds and the number of House Harrow members is dwindling due to the constant skirmishes occurring between houses. 

One thing that House Harrow has going for it is the number of alliances it has managed to gain with more important and influential houses. These alliances have been gained mainly from House Harrows expertise at training small elite task forces that are heavily utilized in the inter-house wars. 

These small task forces, typically known as Corvi, generally number inbetween 5-10 individuals. These individuals are trained to use short swords or spears, and 2 members are trained to use bows or crossbows. Corvi are usually led by a less influential member of a household that are deemed expendable by the ruling members of each house. 

Sevatar was one such member and he led a number of successful "diplomatic" missions against other houses that bought House Harrow useful alliances. His mental abilities as well as his general charisma brought a fierce loyalty from the men he led. Unfortunately the fates of these men are unknown due to the ambush by House Saul and Sevatars transportation to the world known as the Nexus.

House Harrows emblem is a Raven. 

Chasing the Northen Tales
Honey badgers just don't give a fuck

With the party resting at the workshop in Crete, Salvador Dahli knocks on the door, asking about the laser beam he saw last night. Although Sevatar is reluctant, Tylar goes with Salvador to attempt to replicate the explosion. Tylar is told that the crystal is unstable due to missing runes, which may be found on the Lance Stone. Guards visit the rest of the Others to ask about the dangerous beam, which Sevatar deflects. Sevatar and Idrius then go to the townhouse to see if there is a bounty on the beast in the north, which there is (so long as concrete evidence is provided). The group decides to go north to hunt it at Idrius' behest, and see the Lance Stone on the way. 

The party boards a sleek airship and flies over a small town named Briar Glen, nestled between two rivers. Once near the Lance Stone, Tylar jumps off the airship to take a closer look while the rest of the group land at Domswich. It is a town with stone buildings, more closely nestled together to suit the cold. The party visits the House of Bards and questions the landlord, Orlando. They find out that the wanderer Dave is believed to be ill rather than cursed, and the disappearing townsfolk are unrelated. They are told of Joel Billy, a survivor from The Breach, who is currently living in the local poorhouse. While the majority of the party leaves for the poorhouse to speak to Joel Billy, Idrius ventures to the local townhouse for any recent information regarding the beast. He is informed that Nuxvar has fallen into silence, and that the airship captains will no longer fly there. An old aquaintance of the party was the last to head towards it- Captain Ned Guppy. The rest of the party goes to meet Joel, and he tells of how a tall thin stranger appeared in The Breach, and was not welcome. Once some townsfolk tried to forcibly remove him, they were dragged outside and killed, while shadows appeared from nowhere and began to massacre the remaining inhabitants, with Joel as the only escapee.

Meanwhile, Tylar sets up camp just outside the sickening radius of the Lance Stone and begins to study the runes on its surface. At the end of the day, after much vomiting and study, he sleeps between the Stone and a herd of horses, and has strange dreams. The rest of the party visits Guppy's airship, and he regales them with his account of flying toward Nuxvar – about a half-hour's journey from the city, he discovered a stationary airship with only one survivor, Zachary Price. He also looked at Nuxvar through a spy-glass, and while he did see some movement in the town, he also saw some burning buildings and got a thoroughly creepy vibe from the place. Guppy agrees to take the party to Nuxvar when they are next in Domswich, so long as they stay there only during the daylight hours.
According to Guppy, Price told of how his airship was attacked during the night while docked at Nuxvar. He hid in a cupboard, while the rest of his crewmembers fought an unknown assailant. Price heard screams but did not come to their aid, and when he emerged in the morning all his crewmates had disappeared without a trace, except for the signs of the fight they had. After returning to Domswich with Guppy, Zachary immediately begins to travel as far south as he can, warning all he comes across to never head north again.

The next day, the party travels south to meet him and perform tests on the Lance Stone, to the detriment of all. However, they do discover many important things – a binding rune discovered by Honsu within the strings of reality that he sees around the Stone, which Tylar records along with the 16 other legible runes on the Stone's surface (thought there are many more he is as of yet unable to read). Idrius discovers a link between the runes on his heart and on the Stone, and Edgar finds evidence of Others arriving at the Stone around the same to time party arrived in the Nexus. 

The next morning, the party heads over the plains towards Levohaka, a town on the western base of Mount Ozmez, where Idrius has been told that he will find the source of the lycanthrope stories – a man named Maurice Tontonian. After a meal fit for gods, the party finds themselves being followed by four dog-sized honey badgers, who are gaining ground on them. Tylar attempts to distract them with an offering of food, which they eat, but it desn't work – they continue to follow the party. Though Sevatar decides to run to try and escape, Honsu and Idrius choose to stand their ground to fight and protect the slower members of the party. After an intense melee which defies the laws of physics (Honey badgers don't give a fuuuuck, and Honsu responds in kind), the group finds itself carrying two warm and precious honey badger carcasses toward Levohaka.

Upon reaching their destination, Edgar speaks to Beth, the bartender of the local pub called The Low-Level Trader. He asks him about any thin, tall strangers in raggedy clothes. Beth tells him about a man named Rasputin, who seems to be an Other with powers similar to Sevatar. Edgar goes on to ask him about the whereabouts of Maurice Tontonian, who lives in a hovel on the outskirts of town. Tylar, Idrius and Honsu trade Beth the badger carcasses in return for 12 gold, some honey badger stew and the party's lodgings for the night. Idrius then ventures into town to find the local blacksmith, who happens to be a greatsword enthusiast (to put it lightly), and has the pommel of his last greatsword attached to a shiny, finely engraved new one that he buys. He finds a new friend in the blacksmith, who promises that should Idrius return, he will have a master-crafted greatsword waiting for him.

Once reunited with Idrius, the party goes to Maurice's hovel to ask about the disappearances of the villagers in Northrun, and learn more of what they thought to be the beast – a man named Oliver (who had been called Dave by the party), who appears to be accompanied by, or perhaps has the ability to summon, shadow demons similar to those eating the party's extradimensional belongings. Maurice recounts that, while sitting in his farmhouse on the outskirts of town on the night that the beggar Oliver was forced to leave, he saw the town appear to be engulfed in darkness, and heard the sounds of its townfolk dying. He chose to stay in his home, and saw the fire visibly dim, as though something dark was covering it. Once morning came, he explored town a little, but saw no one. In each open doorway he passed, it seemed as though something was hidden inside, lurking in the darkness, after which he fled to Luvohaka.

The group decides to return to Domswich the next morning, in order to fly with Guppy to Nuxvar to investigate. While the rest of the party sleeps, Idrius stands watch with some of the local guards and learns of the organisational structure of the Asmarian's civil protection forces. Sometime during the night, while alone, he is approached by a mysterious and beautiful figure out of the gloom, who cryptically introduces herself as Anima, a goddess of sentient life in the Nexus. She tells Idrius to go see Stephen Exposition, who will answer one question truthfully about anything. He lives at the top of a tower in a town next to Old Man's Lake. She also offers Idrius a gold coin, which he accepts. After bungling the conversation with her completely, Idrius is left alone again to ponder what he was told. He decides not to tell the rest of the party about the visit, and also determines that the coin he was given is the Fortuneteller's Coin, a cypher.

The following day, the group walks down back to Domswich. They pass by a several herds of horses, and Idrius decides to approach them peacefully to discover why the Nexus' inhabitants are so fearful of them. As it turns out, horses are psychic, and one talks to Idrius in his head. They are highly intelligent, and think lowly of men, particularly after men tried to ride them. Although it appears that the two races have a great disdain for each other, the horses allow Idrius to leave unharmed and he returns to the rest of the group to continue travelling south toward Domswich. 

At the outskirts of town, they are stopped by men in green tights hiding in a fake bush by the side of the road. Sevatar convinces them that he is one of them and passes by without his wealth having been 'redistributed', but Tylar gives them poisoned brandy and takes everything they had claimed to return to the townsfolk of Domswich. Sevatar is horrified at this, but Idrius approves, and the two argue about the correctness of Tylar's actions, during which some of his shadier decisions come to light. In town, Tylar returns everything that had been stolen, and the group is told that anyone wearing double green ribbons have bounties on them. They reunite with Old Mildy, who had stayed in Crete but knew to meet the party in Domswich, and they settle in, preparing to leave on Guppy's airship toward Nuxvar in the middle of the night so that they arrive there at daybreak.

The group also discovers the cruel dark magics of lactomancy, while Sevatar and Idrius coin the term sagimancy, a combination of extradimensional science and local magical powers.


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