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  • Tragedy at Periapsis

    An explosion occurred at 6:52pm yesterday at Periapsis’ Stockholm Research Facility. Two were killed in the blast, Dr. Edgar Islington (42) and his research assistant Clyde Moreau (26), and many more injured.

    According to Periapsis& …

  • Dr. Edgar Islington

    Edgar Islington was born in London, England on 21st of August 1974 to mother, Esmeralda Islington, and father Thomas Islington.

    Named after his mother’s favourite writer, Edgar Allen Poe, young Edgar himself never took to the arts. …

  • Doctor Edgar’s Day Off

    Dr. Edgar Islington has had an epiphany during the night and was found the next day furiously studying and creating technical drawings. He considers this new work to be more important than anything else currently, and does not wish to be disturbed.

  • Isadora

    Isadora landed on the other side of the fence with practiced grace. She had years of experience both as a dancer and as an urban explorer. Skills that hadn't come in handy as an art dealer, but were proving useful now.
    I thought I had …

  • Dr. Edgar Islington

    An [[Avvan]] from planet [[Earth | Earth]]. Edgar was working on a machine that could siphon potentially infinite energy from a source he did not fully understand. Now he understands that the source was [[Dimensions | other dimensions]]. There was a …