Tag: Dead


  • Polani

    Polani is the greatest warrior of the Shiraqi people, at least in Ziggard. He bears the black hand as a mark of honour, but murders innocent families. They say the greatest monster there is, is one that believes they are doing the right thing, and cannot …

  • Edgar Stokes

    Edgar Stokes is the foreman of [[:owen-francis | Owen Francis']] factory. He has had his face beaten in by [[:tyrus | Tyrus]]. Though dead now, he does have some sort of cult-ish following in Vesimir that are opposed to the Shiraqi.

  • Mamo

    Mamo has travelled far and wide, as a disciple of Lua, the Traveller. In his travels, he came across a hidden valley full of magical dinosaurs. He decided to go around. Mamo was murdered by [[:edgar-stokes | Edgar Stokes]], after he became a trader for …