Tag: Domswich


  • Orlando

    Orlando runs the House of Bards, an Inn within the settlement of Domswich. Orlando is actually is last name. His mother died giving birth to him and said that his name should be "Han or Lando". So his name, naturally, is "Han Orlando".

  • Jeffry Swigglebottom

    Mr. Swigglebottom is the Mayor of Domswich. Swigglebottom, isn't his real name, he doesn't know what his real name is. He woke up in a field outside of town with no pants on and a lack of any memories, about ten years ago. Everyone else in town knows …

  • Fitz Mobly

    Fitz Mobly is a cranky old man that used to be a guard. He likes to whip young whippersnappers into shape, literally. He'll do it for free too. Although he uses a cane, he doesn't need it to walk. He just uses it to beat people.