Tag: Geliek


  • Cog Swerth

    Cog tries his best, but he's not the sharpest crayon in the shed. Originally worked for [[:larament-fogrend | Larament Fogrend]] in Tyrel City, he is now working for [[:sevatar-harrow | Sevatar Harrow]].

  • Yondremed Werverand

    Yondremed is the local crime boss of Vesimir. He is of Geliek heritage, which means he is quite short. Yondremed began his criminal career by stealing the village women's dirty underwear and selling them to... enthusiasts.

  • Rafpmoal Yulevon

    Rathmal works for [[:yondremed | Yondremed]]. Her exact job and skillset is unknown, but she does appear to be good at hiding. In fact, Rathmal has only ever played one game of hide and seek. She has yet to be found by the seeker.