Tag: Levihaka


  • Beth

    Beth is the tall, broad-shouldered Innkeeper of the Low-level Trader, an Inn in Levihaka. Beth is the youngest of ten brothers. His mother desperately wanted a girl.

  • Gwen

    Gwen is a local townswoman of Levihaka. She's a simple woman of simple pleasures. She had a run in once with the [[The Others | Other]] Rasputin. She would like him to return. Gwen can throw knitting needles with pinpoint accuracy, a skill she uses to …

  • Burik Wagner

    Wagner is the blacksmith of Levihaka. He mostly does simple smithing jobs for the small township, but also has a fondness for great swords and engraving. Whenever he sees a new great sword that he would like to have, he says: "This would make a fine …