Tag: Machiahoolian


  • Count Niles

    Count Niles is a Machiahoolin, a giant "intelligent" owl, that lives in the Hooberon Tower. Count Niles killed his brother, Duke Frasier, in a duel to the death 2 years ago. He's already forgotten about it.

  • Lord Cavendish

    Lord Cavendish is, alongside his mate Lady Cavendish, the foremost nobles of the Hooberon tower. Lord Cavendish likes to be entertained, and his preferred entertainment is blood sports. Particularly, violent duels to the death. Every so often, he has …

  • Technician Jeeves

    Jeeves lives near the bottom of the crumbling Hooberon tower. He works to keep the tower intact, though not even he can stop its inevitable decline. Jeeves has an apparatus that can create the Critical Point Energy Crystals, and he uses this to maintain …

  • Baron Mendelay

    Baron Mendelay is an giant owl creature that likes to laugh. That's why he keep [[:kelsier-harrow | Kelsier Harrow]], an empathic manipulator, prisoner. He once tried being a comedian himself, but he just wasn't very funny.

  • Baroness Sofia

    Baroness Sofia is the mate of [[:baron-mendelay | Baron Mendelay]]. She likes to eat tasty things. Or just any old things. Doesn't matter if they are alive or dead. She just wants to eat them. Tasty things. Must eat the tasty morsels. Just a bite...