Tag: Mayor


  • Jemal

    Jemal is the mayor of Hogsfoot. Jemal suspects that he might be an Other, but the world he came from is exactly identical in every way except some small key differences that he can't quite put his finger on.

  • Jeffry Swigglebottom

    Mr. Swigglebottom is the Mayor of Domswich. Swigglebottom, isn't his real name, he doesn't know what his real name is. He woke up in a field outside of town with no pants on and a lack of any memories, about ten years ago. Everyone else in town knows …

  • Fern Trudeau

    Fern Trudeau is the mayor of Ram's Horn, a small township located not too far north of Domswich. Fern Trudeau was born Fenny Trudeau, a woman. One day she put a strange belt on that swapped her gender. He found that it suited him much better and did not …

  • Vera Yoosh

    Vera is the mayor of Keld. Vera is an avid reader, and has books imported in from the city to sustain her voracious appetite for stories. She encourages reading among her constituents, but has had minimal success in doing so.

  • Biggles

    Biggles is the recently promoted Mayor of Metronome after his predecessor was killed by [[:forgotten | Forgotten]]. Biggles and [[:sevatar-harrow | Sevatar Harrow]] have arranged a mutually beneficial arrangement between Metronome and Vessimere.