Tag: Shiraqi


  • Polani

    Polani is the greatest warrior of the Shiraqi people, at least in Ziggard. He bears the black hand as a mark of honour, but murders innocent families. They say the greatest monster there is, is one that believes they are doing the right thing, and cannot …

  • Kalua

    Kalua is perhaps the hardest hit by the pollution of the river, besides those that have died already. She and her child are very sick, but hopefully not for much longer.

  • Kapua

    Kapua is the greatest farmer of the Shiraqi people, at least in Ziggard. He is also flexible enough to perform auto-fellatio, but doesn't.

  • Mamo

    Mamo has travelled far and wide, as a disciple of Lua, the Traveller. In his travels, he came across a hidden valley full of magical dinosaurs. He decided to go around. Mamo was murdered by [[:edgar-stokes | Edgar Stokes]], after he became a trader for …

  • Aloaloa

    Aloaloa once possessed a pile of scrap metal that turned out to be [[:idrius | Idrius]], though he doesn't remember that. He is the blacksmith of Ziggard. Aloaloa was once married to a man, until he realised he was straight.

  • Icua

    Icua is a hunter that can track anything, including siege bugs. Icua and his brother slap each other on the arse for luck before going hunting. There's nothing sexual about it, it's an old Shiraqi custom.

  • Ka'oa

    Ka'oa is the leader of the Shiraqi war party, and the brother of [[:polani | Polani]]. He came up from Togok's Rest the repel the Asmar invaders. Though a more reasonable man than his brother, Ka'oa will not sit idly by while the Asmarian's attempt to …

  • Ukirt

    Ziggard shaman. Other shamans are Allipi, Aluahu and Kia apo. Ukrit is aware of [[:tylar | Tylar Pern]]'s involvement in the drug trade and wants to talk with him.