Tag: Tulmeg


  • Jared Riviera

    Jared Riviera is a villager from Eravale that was found begging on the streets of Tulmeg. He was concerned for the safety of his daughter, [[:hannah-riviera | Hannah]], who had been pressed into indentured servitude at the Red River mines, paying off her …

  • D. Dorman

    D. is part of a not so proud family, the Dormans. He wishes he was part of a better family. The fact is, D. Dorman is adopted. He used to be part of an even worse family.

  • Serino Gerrick

    Serio Gerrick runs the Prosperity bank, one of the leading financial institutions on Hemas, after Pinnacle. He's married to his sister, Serina. It's just how things are done in Ozmez.