Tag: Vesimir


  • Pontrana Yulemar

    Runs the Vesimir post office. Might be Geliek, I don't remember. Pontrana has a crush on a travelling bard that played in the town one time. She commissioned a painting of him for her bedroom wall.

  • Campbell Suit

    Campbell Suit is a shining example of a politician with no backbone and little care for the health and well-being of his constituents, unless it affects his re-election prospects. He's the Mayor of Vesimir. He has been framed for the Shiraqi-Asmar war …

  • Haeven Valentines

    Haeven is a Lyndonnnite living in Vesimir, trying to spread the teachings of [[Lyndon, the Living God]]. When he was first encountered, he was getting the (figurative) shit kicked out of him by some (literal) shitty townsfolk.

  • Judy-Anne

    Judy-Anne is a simple woman with a simple job. She ferries people up and down Kip Rill for money. She also collects her own toenail clippings, but don't expect that to ever come up in conversation.

  • Owen Francis

    Owen Francis is the owner of one of the three major factories that are dumping pollution into the river. He is, at least, changing things now, if only because he makes more money this way.

  • Edgar Stokes

    Edgar Stokes is the foreman of [[:owen-francis | Owen Francis']] factory. He has had his face beaten in by [[:tyrus | Tyrus]]. Though dead now, he does have some sort of cult-ish following in Vesimir that are opposed to the Shiraqi.

  • Yondremed Werverand

    Yondremed is the local crime boss of Vesimir. He is of Geliek heritage, which means he is quite short. Yondremed began his criminal career by stealing the village women's dirty underwear and selling them to... enthusiasts.

  • Rafpmoal Yulevon

    Rathmal works for [[:yondremed | Yondremed]]. Her exact job and skillset is unknown, but she does appear to be good at hiding. In fact, Rathmal has only ever played one game of hide and seek. She has yet to be found by the seeker.

  • Minnow

    The latest in a line of captains that have fishy names. He hires out his services as a boatman in Vesimir. Minnow has synesthesia. To him, wine tastes like the the number 58, bread like number 29 and the minnow fish like the number 1. That is how he …