A bestiary of creatures encountered on the Nexus world. For convenience sake, I won't include creatures that are similar to what I might find on Earth (unless there are notable differences), birds (as they seem to be common on other worlds) or humans (for the same reason as birds). Instead focusing on creatures unique to this world.

Blink Slug

Danger level: 4

The Blink Slug is a multi-coloured slug creature that appears to teleport (perhaps by quantum tunnelling?) short distances in reaction to danger.

Its primary food source appears to be interdimesional artefacts, which makes its primary habitat the area around the Haze Tree. Consuming these artefacts causes it to grow immensely. After consuming enough, it will spin a cocoon of  (nearly) indestructible quantum silk, and presumably metamorphose. What is becomes is unknown.

Due to the fact that it has only been spotted near the Haze Tree, it is possible that this creature is an Other. That is, it is not native to this world. Mere conjecture, however.


Danger level 3

Litter bugs are aggressive, fox-sized insects. They have natural camouflage to blend in with surrounding leaves that litter the ground in its natural forest habitat.


Danger level 4

Lanternfish are amphibious bipedal angler fish-like creatures. They emerge from their underwater homes at night to hunt for prey, which can include an unaware avvanoid.

It lures prey to it with its hydrogen peroxide lantern stalk, which is quite a valuable commodity.

Its time out of the water is limited, but can generally hunt for an entire night before it must return.

Metal-eating Rock Man

Danger level: 4

The Rock man is some sort of magical creature or construct that consumes metal using a vacuum like mouth on its face. It is not usually aggressive, and will ignore anyone that doesn't have metal on them, which it can detect through some unknown mechanism.

After consuming the metal, it appears to go down into its 'stomach' where all the impurities in the metal are stripped away, leaving a lump of pure metal. How it manages this is unknown, but probably magic of some kind.

Frog person

Alas, I've only heard about these second hand. Further investigation required. Though they are apparently avid sailors with some sort of submergible ships.


Danger level: 8(?)

Gigantic birds, though with a more bat-like morphology. At least 20 feet tall, and covered in blue-grey feathers, a Roc is an incredibly dangerous creature. Possessing rudimentary intelligence, enough to speak, and a malicious sense of humour, as well as the fact that it is always at the centre of a thunderstorm, incredibly dangerous almost seems an understatement.

Despite this, the Roc does not prey on sentient beings, and so mostly leaves them alone, unless its bored. Instead it preys upon siege bugs, using its lightning to spawn more of them for it to eat.

Siege Bugs

Danger level: 4

Siege bugs are large roly-poly-like bugs. Their natural life cycle seems to involve getting struck by lightning, usually called by rocs.

Their thick chitinous plating is incredibly strong and hard to penetrate.


Danger level: ?

Possibly dinosaurs?

Cheshire Cat / Catsith

Danger level: ?

A floating face that appears to love to play tricks. Unknown if it actually is a cat because it is almost always invisible. Æthan is one.


Danger level: 4

Like a Toa from my world, but a bird instead of a bat. Can screech loudly. Tastes alright.

Puffer Bunny

Danger level: ?

A small rabbit like creature that can expand to the size of a bear. Quite dangerous, so I'm told.

Glider Snake

Danger level: 3

Snake like creatures that have skin flaps they can extend in order to glide. A tail stinger make them dangerous to handle.

Coin Beetle

Danger level: ?

A little beetle creature that eats coins and also disguises itself as coins. Appears to have some sort of magical masking that prevent it from being detected by normal means.

Giant Honey Badger

Danger level: 4

Fucks given: 0


Danger level: ?

Unlike the horses of my own world, they appear to be highly intelligent and also possess psychic powers, telepathy at the very least. Bojack is a horse.

Extra-Dimensional Shadow

Danger level: 6

These shadows appear to cut holes in reality and can travel through them. They also appear to have a hunger for extra-dimensional artefacts, causing them to attack us in the night. They have an aversion to the light, and it appears cannot exist within it.

Hazer Shadow

Danger level: 5

Similar to the other shadows, these shadows work as an army rather than as an individual. When they attack, they turn their victim to dust. They care less about extra-dimensional stuff and more about living things. They are also averse to light.

Goat things

Danger level: ?

I only saw them once from a distance. They kind of looked like goats, but not.


​​​​​​​Danger level: ?

Bird like creatures, kind of looked like an owl crossed with a kowl, but giant. Others would call them giant owls I suppose.

Sapient, but not hugely intelligent, for the most part. They appear to play at nobility, but are savages at heart. Luckily they live far away from us, all the way up on the Hooberon Tower.

They also have clockwork servants, arachnid in appearance.

Carnival Civit

Danger level: ?

A skunk-like cat creature that sprays a foul smelling musk. Apparently this musk can be addictive, but I'm not sure how.


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