Maxwell Powers Letters

Great Sevitar,

While I have yet to enjoy the pleasure of your attendance at the Senate tales of your achievements have already reached our capital. Particular praise came from Governor Hamilton regarding your handling of the Suit incident and the border skirmishes. As you are an Other we understand that your governing style is likely to be unconventional. With a skilled individual now within our ranks, I would like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to the following list of issues the Senate is aware of. Please feel free to follow up with any of these if you wish.

  1. After the textile revolution in Metronome thanks to the resident Ultan, Matias, there was reports of a creature roaming the banks of the river. We employed Harrod the Red who seems to have resolved this issue but we do not yet have confirmation. A report from unbiased eyes would be appreciated.
  2. The town of Laural, south of Erast has been under periodic attack by a Roc nesting nearby. Attacks have also been occurring in the local area even reaching Erast at times. Any assistance in resolving this situation to return peace to Laural and the area would be appreciated.
  3. Our ongoing investigation into the illegal trade of the hallucinogenic substance known as “dreamshit” has revealed that the source is somewhere in Erast. Governor Krundle has so far been unable to motivate those under him to root out the source. Some within the Senate believe it might be beneficial to bring in an external agent to aid in the investigation. We do not yet believe it necessary to employ our specialists for this yet.
  4. Within the central planes of Hamas, along the border of old Obror, the town of Shown has recently lost contact. Scouts were dispatched and report that from the outside the town appears normal, however those who enter never leave and are seen participating in town life. We suspect a connection to the strange happenings downstream of Overlook Fort where a Maria Whitehead was said to have resolved the situation. Maria was under our employ leading troops along your border but abruptly resigned.
  5. A short time ago we dispatched a party of recently arrived Others into the southern jungles, colloquially known as the “Nightmare Lands” to survey further land acquisitions, particularly to find a suitable port. We have not heard anything from them, though we didn’t expect too much. If you happen across any information of their fate we would appreciate being informed. The group of Others included The Hollow Man, Filipe Holt, Ace, Lamentation, and NORAD.
  6. We have been having some issues with another recent Other, Rasputan. He seems to have taken up residence north of Hullbeck and has been a thorn in the side of Governor Garris. Rasputan appears to have some ability to influence the minds of people and has taken the local Captain of the City Guard as a lover as well as many of the local young ladies. His actions, while not a direct challenge to the Asmar Republic, are causing disruption to the power balance and we would like things to be more settled. Particularly with Mayor Marx causing further disruption.
  7. Regarding the balance of power, please do not make it known to the general public, but as you may have become aware our King, the incarnation of Ulmar, has reached a very old age and we have yet to find the reincarnation of his bride, Artemis. We risk a high level of power destabilization if she cannot be found in time. If you come across a woman of approximately 30 years who is unparalleled in archery with a natural gift to lead please notify us.

I anticipate great things from you Sevitar. If you continue your path you could find strong allies within the Asmar Republic.



Maxwell Powers

President of the Asmar Republic

Voice of the People, Defender of the Crown

Maxwell Powers Letters

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