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Party Profiles by Sevatar


Ash Williams

Ash is a man who seems to care for nothing but himself. He is willing to steal other peoples property as well as attack them with Cyphers. All in all I consider Ash to be untrustworthy at best, and treacherous at worst. I'll need to ensure that my back is always covered around him. 


Edgar Islington

Edgar seems to have a very keen mind, is very good at inventing and has a strong view of right and wrong. However he also seems to be a "go with the flow" kind of person. He probably won't directly obstruct my path, but he may go behind my back or assist my adversaries. 


Honsou Osiron

Honsou has a very strong will and is capable of frightening bursts of speed and strength. Thankfully his goals currently align with mine and so he will more than likely be of great benefit. 



Idrius appears to be a knight from another world. And if my knowledge of knights is anything to go by, Idrius will have a strong sense of honor. Honor will only bring problems for me. Thankfully he appears to be somewhat dull and shouldn't be able to pick up on my plans.



Mildred is a woman who likes to portray herself as weak and frail but from what I've seen she seems to be able to shrug off anything short of a Rok lighting bolt. She appears to care for the weak but is greatly concerned with getting back to her plane of existence. Hopefully I can keep her focused on those goals and away from my own.


Tylar Pern

Tylar is a very odd character. On the one hand he appears to concern himself greatly with the well being of others but will then steal from others and organize a drug operation with the criminal underground. He will be one to look out for as he seems the most capable one of disrupt my plans both overtly and covertly. A method of control will have to be organized as he is a danger to not only my plans, but to the Unbound as well. 


In summary, the only obvious obstacles to my plans are Idrius and Tylar. These obstacles have become even more pronounced with the recent conflict. Both Edgar and Mildred seem too indifferent or too concerned with getting home. Honsou is the only party member I can count on to assist me in my plans. 



Party Profiles

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