The Rune Words

The rune words are a language of symbolic runes that embody universal concepts. Often applying those concepts into reality with the proper usage.

Runes are so complex in nature, as just some etchings can mean nothing if not the proper understanding applied. Runes are considered a dead language, and their sheer complexity and depth meaning years of study may yield nothing. Runes are mostly found already applied to create artifacts and devices, remnants of ages past.

To discover and use a rune usually some sort of higher power must intervene, or an individual must spend his life to understand one.

Honsu has tapped into the latent energy and divine power innate to the children of Surya, and thus displays the prowess to see the true nature of the universe. Allowing him to see the metaphysical world, such as time and space, to formulate the runes on his own.

The tree below is a breakdown of the rune system as Honsu understands it, however the true nature of what runes are has yet to be seen. Honsu's knowledge of his world and runes leads him to believe each rune represents a god, and that their may be one rune above them all. However he is skeptical that there may be outliers, runes representing gods that have been bound such as those perhaps bound by the Haze Tree, Lance Stone and Base Crystal. Where they all fit is yet to be seen, but perhaps because they are bound the concepts they represent are bound too, laws unheard of.

The runes below are tentative. Space is strongly linked to water and fire, same for earth and metal to time. Wood however has the strongest link to life, all fundamentals however are connected in some way to the ascendant runes.

The Rune Words

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