Xeridia is a continent in the world Honsu originates from. It is where he grew up and lived, his people refer to the world greater just as earth. Since earth is just the dirt beneath their feet and beneath the seas that stretches on. Just like any other world. So to avoid confusion it will be called Xeridian Earth.

Xeridan Earth is an world comprised of two main continents. Altos in the north and Xeridia in the south.  They are seperated by a great sea which is bridged by the fallen remains of the Tower of Life. There are many islands littered throughout the sea, any numerous small island trading nations.

Altos is a land of lush forests, verdant plains and mountains. It is populated by humans and other races who war other territory. With humans having a monopoly on the great rivers of the south. The centre of the continent is mountainous and the north was the site of the Dread War. A war that tore apart the continent as the lich of origin Calar was born and killed.

Xeridia is the site of the Tower of Life. A massive tower that stretch deep into the void of stars. The gods were said to live at the top.

However the Xeridian's in their greed or perhaps ignorance angered the gods and caused the tower to fall. When they attempted to wield the Goddess Pani's heart. The continent is mostly comprised of a vast desert which runs from the bottom southern end to the northern end making up more than three quarters of the landmass. The rest is comprised of a few mountains and rivers. Which a human kingdom formerly made up of servants for the Xeridian's occupies.  It also contains the Province of Seridai, the homeland of Serdians on the southern most end of the continent. A large swathe of the desert is ruled by the Cult of the Devourer. Or Cult of the Worm, which follows a giant worm the size of mountains hell bent on consuming the world. Then comes Xeridia itself, the confusing name for the capital of the fallen Xeridian empire. Its people twisted with foul magic from tampering with the heart of a god. The tower of life fell around the same time, some say the gods did it while others say the Xeridi in there madness tried to break the world. Either way the tower lies across the entire world cleaving it in two. Bridging Altos and Xeridia and continuing forever onward. The rest is wastelands, littered with star ruins, the floating islands and cities of Xeridia come crashing down, and even more things as the tower stretches on up into the void and beyond. With people trying to live some semblance of life while beset on all sides by raiders, cults, monsters from the star ruins and the twisted Xeridi. Kingdoms form in these lands but they never last long.

The Province of Seridai, the last reminant of the Xeridian Empire, comprised of the Xeridian's sister race the Seridian's. When Surya fractured his heart to create the races he created the Xeridians to rule the sky and the Seridians to rule the land. However the other gods attempted to do the same or worse kill Surya to use his heart to create life. Pani, anguished over the incoming war between gods where they would most likely all perish but one. Tore out her heart to steel herself for what she was to do, separating it from her whilst still alive and beating to create the heart of winter, an artifact that caused half the world to be incased in ice. She bound Surya to the sky, allowing the gods to use the shavings of his heart to create new life and races, and allowing life to propagate. Never fully killing him but shaving the flesh as it grew back. She then turned his gaze upon the world, hoping for the lower races to never forget their father, and what he has sacrificed to create them.

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