Xeridian Mythos

There is hypothesized to be gods for every rune, the runes embody concepts physical or metaphysical in the universe. However the people of Honsu's world of Xeridia, believe in only the five fundamental gods, for the knowledge of runes is near extinct.

  • Surya, the god of fire who gave his life to grant life sapience. As well as create the first sapient races, beings capable of thinking just as a god would, albeit limited. He was killed and lives on in the civilized races. Worshiped as someone under Pani, and as the great father. The sun is regarded as his maw, where souls go to when they die.
  • Pani, the god of water, who killed Surya to stop war between gods. She is seen as the benevolent mother who takes care of harvest and health. Her heart, The Heart of Winter, remains on the world countering Surya's fiery maw.
  • Dhatu, the god of metal, a god who for some reason. Perhaps the death of Surya or another happening left the world to travel the void. Has long been forgotten.
  • -——-, the god of earth, a god who has been long expunged and erased. Not even the darkest texts speak of it, but it is known that this god is well and truly dead, unlike Surya. However it is rumored that empires have fallen due to the foolish dabbling into resurrecting it. It is implied something happened between Dhatu and this god, leading to the formers exile perhaps.
  • Atma, the god of wood, considered the being who brought life to exist. Surya brings change, knowledge, magic and passion to life. Atma however is life itself, much theological debate arises from this.

There is however speculation that the gods created the world as a haven for life, or as some kind of multi layered universe. Keeping either other gods unknown or something else entirely out. Some say it might be to keep something in, but that statement is met with even more criticism.

Other races have been known to worship other gods, elves for one. The ancient elves and not the current day mixed blood elves. Worshiped gods of the land and many different gods.

Xeridian Mythos

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