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Dr. Edgar Islington

An Obituary by Markus Pierre

Edgar Islington was born in London, England on 21st of August 1974 to mother, Esmeralda Islington, and father Thomas Islington.

Named after his mother’s favourite writer, Edgar Allen Poe, young Edgar himself never took to the arts. Instead, he displayed a voracious appetite for knowledge. Coupled with a keen mind, Edgar quickly became bored with the slow pace of traditional education and started making trouble at school. That is, until he was accepted into the Gladstone Institute, an academy for gifted individuals.

Under the proper tutelage, Edgar quickly became a model student, excelling particularly in the fields of science and engineering, which became his lifelong passion

After achieving two Ph.Ds, one for Quantum Physics and the other for Advanced Electrical Engineering, simultaneously, Edgar was offered a prestigious position at Periapsis.

Periapsis, an international research and development organisation, has many research sites around the world. Edgar leapt at the opportunity to work at all of them at least once, for he considered himself a global citizen and loved to travel.

It was when he was working in Paris, however, where he met his wife, Isadora, at a – very illegal – Catacombs party. Supposedly the pair escaped from the police together, and married less than a year later.

Edgar was a strong supporter of peace, equality, nuclear disarmament, and using his inventions to help the world become a better place for everyone.

Though Edgar and his wife had no children, the impact he had on this world, through his work and his deeds, will remain with us for a long time to come. The world is surely poorer for his passing.


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