Cypher ~ The Unbound

Mind Magics Ahoy

Isn't this what Sevatar does?

Begininng this tale Honsou, Idrius and I travel from Vessimere to Hullbeck after our crime fighting escapade. Upon arrival we meet up with Edgar who tells us what transpired in while we were absent. Apparently after meeting Rasputin and deciding that he isn't the nicest guy around, Tylar in typical fashion poisoned him. However after dying Rasputin stood back up, as if he had never died. Edgar, Mildred and Tylar quickly left his residence, probably a rather clever decision. 


Figuring that we need more information on Rasputin and how much control he has over this town we decide to do some information gathering. All of the Unbound except for Tylar (thank goodness) head to the market place and speak to a vendor. This vendor appeared to be under Rasputins influence and thought very highly of him. After chatting with this man for a little while, Rasputin himself appeared. 


Edgar talks to Rasputin trying to figure what coordinates he received upon arriving at the Nexus. Rasputin declines to answer and so I try to read his mind. Upon detecting the mental intrusion he places me in some sort of stasis, freezing me in place. Honsou then steps in and grabs Rasputin, however Rasputin falls to the ground apprently unconcious. Honsou and Mildred then suddenly decide that the best course of action is to take him to the towns medic. Coming out of stasis I convince Honsu to release Rasputin, but then Honsu attacks me!

Thankfully I had hired a few bodyguards and they manage to pull me aside before a lot of damage is done, however I still received a nasty bruise to my face. It seems as if Rasputin was compelling Honsu to attack me. Suddenly Edgar stabs Honsu with an anti-magic spike, draining Honsu of all his powers. Edgar and Idrius then agree that they should be taking Rasputin to the medics as well. With the rest of the party seemingly under Rasputins control or otherwise incapcitated I decide that the guards had better be rallied to stop Rasputin from causing any more damage.


I head to the guard house and requisition some guards to help me search for Rasputin as well as figure out which guards are under his control. With this additional help in tow I head to the medics office with the rest of the party standing outside. Edgar seems to have completely forgotten what occurred in the last few hours while Idrius and Mildred are stupidly standing outside the front door. After shoving past the "obstructions" I entered the medics office. However both the Nurse and the Medic herself have had their minds wiped and Rasputin has left out the backdoor.  


After that debacle I decide that the best course of action is to contact the governor, Terrance Garris, and try to get his help. On the way there we bump into Tylar and a young priestess of Numenism. Tylar must've accosted or intimidated the young women into coming along. However upon arriving and talking to Terrance, who seems like a amicable individual, he gives me to right to pursue Rasputin while within his jurisdiction. 


The Unbound then form a plan to capture Rasputin after his party has wound down and take him out of the city which involves us trapping in a crystal. Infiltrating the villa goes off without a hitch and we manage to drug Rasputin and drag him halfway to the airship before a party pumps into us. We explain that this man had a fall and that we are taking him a doctor to get looked at. 

In the mean time the more slow-witted members of the party decide that now is the best to cause an extremely loud distraction when a distraction was not needed. Thankfully Honsu manages to get Rasputin to the airship and the lock him in the coffin we brought with us. But it seemed we underestimated Rasputins power and he was using his non-corpereal form to move the airship away. Tylar manages to get on board and bring the airship back to above the villa. In an act of desperation  Honsu drains one of the ships crystals and blasts Rasputin with all of the inbuilt power. 

In remains to be seen however if this had any lasting effect. 


arkore Kunjax

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