Cypher ~ The Unbound

Sevatar takes a few days off

Sevatar fighting crime

Before leaving Metronome


Sevatar will discuss the details on the "mutually beneficial arrangement" between Mayor Biggles and himself. These details will involve convincing Biggles that Sevatar gets the equivalent of one factory owners worth of salary and Biggles gets to keep the rest of the profits. In addition a trade deal will be established between Vesimere and Metronome, in which Vesimere will trade it's paper for Metronomes textiles. Biggles and Sevatar will also agree to assist each other politically in the future.


Day 1: Arriving in Vesimere


After arriving in Vesimere, Sevatar will meet with Kelsier and Gerald to discuss what information they have gathered they have gathered on the crime syndicate and whether or not Yondremed is confirmed to be the Tiny Bull.

Sevatar will also discuss with his employees and finally collect the list of Others that they have been working on for the last month. Sevatar will then assign them to compile a list on every governor that exists within the Asmar Republic. In addition, he will get them too make another list of every mayor that votes in electing the Southern Province Governor.

After all that Sevatar will drastically change his look, he'll wear scruffy clothes and even dirty himself a little. He'll then head to bar where it is believed that the drugs are coming from (Petulance and Poultice?). Using his various powers including but not limited to, Fast Talk, Command, Grand Deception, Mind Reading and Erase Memories, Sevatar will try to figure out various details of the criminal underground that works in Vesimere. Notably he will try to discover the hierarchy of the criminal operations, the major locations that they work out of, who in Vesimere has major connections with them and if they have any major connections to criminal elements based in other towns.

Once deciding to have discovered a satisfactory amount Sevatar will retire for the night in his mansion.


Day 2: Removing Corruption


Sevatar will go through the Vesimere city guard interviewing them. In this interview he will ask various questions involving where their loyalties lie. Using these questions and his various abilities Sevatar will determine which guards are the most loyal to him and which are under someone else's influences. All of the guards that are on someone else's payroll will be very closely watched by the more loyal guards. In addition any higher ranked individuals that were suspected of being corrupt will have warrants written up for them, but their arrests will not be carried out at this moment. 

Sevatar will also write up warrants on Yondramed, Raphmol and other individuals that were found out to be part of the criminal underground. 


Day 3: The Tiny Bull

It's on this day that Sevatar will attempt to meet with The Tiny Bull. Sevatar will head over to The Tiny Bulls headquarters with a contingent of guards that were determined to be loyal. Once there Sevatar will convince any of The Tiny Bulls guards to leave the area. The meeting will then take place to determine what Sevatar does with The Tiny Bull. 


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