An Avatar of Life/Vengeance


A big ass wolf


Forgotten appears to be a very large wolf that stands a head over Honsou. He is filled with a huge amount of life energy, rivaling that of Anima. He is currently trapped in a cage within the town of Metronome after being outmaneuvered by Harrid the Red and Mathias.

According to Anima the energy within him is even older than herself and that it is unknown he could even be killed.

Forgotten could be the man, Harry. Harry lost his wife and 2 daughters to the poisoned land and sought vengeance against those responsible. There was a wellspring of life energy near his house. It is currently believed by the Unbound that he sacrificed himself there to either become this wolf creature or bring about its existence.

Was freed from his cage by Honsu and subsequently went on a rampage, killing another foreman and crushing a factory worker. Was led to the 4 factory owners by Honsu and Sevatar and achieved his goal of avenging his family. Forgotten has since retreated to his forest. It remains to be seen if he will ever reappear.


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