Honsu Osiron

Brash Explorer Who Moves Like The Wind



Runes, Xeridia and Mythology.


Honsu is a 7 and a half foot tall man. With the appearance of a red demon, his skin lies a cracked tapestry of runes and wisps of flame. His flesh moves as if a molten mantle, an effect which becomes more pronounced with each passing day, his transformation turning into something that even he is unsure of.
With white hair, elongated ears and fierce horns. Honsu is noticeably inhuman, a hot blooded giant called a seridian. Far different from the normal seridian in complexion with his red hue, but in a different world he is known only as an other.8e09b1ba5826a35f450406a936bf63e9.png Honu’s old appearance depicted on the right.


  • Iron Flesh: Transform body into metal to be trained in any non-attacking might task. Enhanced via the runes of metal to imbue extra damage to unarmed attacks as well as armour.
  • Boiling Blood: Red skin, be able to move incredibly fast. Power of fire enables a free short movement. Can also move a long distance of 61m(200ft) as a difficulty 4 action.
  • Soothing River: The power of water soothes the body enabling an extra action length recovery roll.
  • Metallic Strength: Attacks with any part of the body deal medium damage.
  • Magic Training: Knows the basics of magic, can attempt to understand and identify its properties.
  • Swift Reactions: Trained in speed defense tasks.
  • Hand to Eye: Provides an asset to tasks requiring agility or dexterity
  • Range Increase: Use to increase the range of any action or ability, once per action.
  • Lightning Grasp: Gives the user the power of lightning when either through a medium or on touch. +3 unarmed, +1 medium.
  • Third Eye: Allows the user to create an immobile invisible sensor anywhere he can imagine within short range.
    Spacial Recall: Allows the user to use third eye anywhere he has seen or been to in person.
  • Speed Burst: Gain another action, can not be used two rounds in a row.
  • Fetch: Anywhere within short range, teleport a 1 meter cube sized or lower object into your immediate vicinity or hands.
  • Closed Mind: The power of a strong spirit whose mind has begun to understand runes on a fundamental level gains armour to intellect damage as well as training in intellect defence.


Bold-Trained in overcoming fear and intimidation
Trained in speed defence.
Trained in intellect defence.


Adventures with The Unbound

Feelings about the party:
Honsu has warmed up to the party, he feels they are good friends now. The infighting between them and seeing their differences strikes it home. Honsu cares about these people, as misguided and foolish they may be at times, he values them as friends.


Honsu awakens under a tree of strange meaning, words echoing in his head. Beside him are fellows of an odd sort, acting as if from a different world. They carry strange artifacts and abilities. In a mutual journey of discovery in this strange environment they awaken in the group leaves together, deciding going it alone may be a bad idea. Honsu sees no reason to oppose, his mind too preoccupied with the the purest energies has ever felt. Not really in any condition to be making his own decisions, as the world seems to pass him by at a slow crawl. A strange apathy overtaking him.

The group goes around this new land undertaking tasks, the local populace human, not that he wouldn’t be seen as some kind of freak if those of his own saw him now.
As Honsu ventures with the party he starts to feel more and more distant, the people he encounters plights and sadness awakening him from his power filled daze. Perhaps he is a servant of Surya now, feeling himself ignited by the emotions of those around him, himself a burning flame to keep them warm and safe.

Honsu continues to journey with the group, until the nature of the world seems to come apart at the seams. Everything feels too familiar, a tower fallen from a lost age, almost a twisted image of the Xeridian downfall. The true nail that strikes it home is the presence of divine runes, a lost art from his world that allowed the ancients to flourish. It occurs to him then that the world is a mirror of his own, or perhaps the very same.

His party members talk of encountering gods, and he begins to unravel a mystery among deities. Three of them are imprisoned, and another seeks to stop them from being released. Where are the gods familiar to him? These gods all seem more abstract, and there is one less than his own. One of the imprisoned threatens the world, and reality seems to be failing.

Honsu makes it his quest to understand what exactly is happening, so that he may perhaps in turn learn what is happening inside of himself.


Upon undertaking a journey to see beyond the veil of the world with the aid of the Sharaqi. Honsu finds himself enlightened, the power within him is apart of something greater and he can make it his own. The runes are more guidelines than a language. Honsu finds himself transformed with his understanding, his body undergoing the process of converting to energy as the runes and spirit become one. His sense of apathy has left him, in its place a startling clarity.

Honsu now believes himself to be the successor of Surya, or perhaps something more. However the shadow of time has to be dealt with first.

Before the Awakening


The province of Serdi, a vast desert region that is but a part of a larger desert continent ruled by the broken empire of Xeridia.
Born to the Osiron family, a trading magnate, as the third heir. Honsu enjoyed a pleasant upbringing. However at the age of six was discovered to have talent in sculpting. A special type of sculpting, sculpting the very nature of the world itself.
This was a great turn in the direction of Honsu’s life, instead of being raised to help his family in their trade he was brought into the fold of The World Carvers. An elite monastery and library which gathers disciples to train in the arts of shaping the very fabric of reality, as the Xeridians once did.
Harsh trainings and deep study peaked the interest of an elder sage, who spared him from the decades of miscellaneous chores and practices a normal student would have. Under the wing of the eccentric master Vyriol, someone whose idea of learning is eroding the earth under his bedroll to make a pitfall into a bed of spikes. Honsu learned quickly, as the harsh but seemingly kind and jovial master gave him no other option.
World Carvers are forced to forsake pleasures of flesh, wealth and indulgence. However Honsu grew closer to a fellow disciple, Kyrtae. Time went on as the two held themselves back from stepping over the boundary. When one night Kyrtae came to him, attempting to seduce Honsu. Honsu, a young boy in his teens had trouble resisting and almost fell to the temptation.
However something felt off, a word said in an off tone or an action too stiff. Whatever it was Honsu saw through the deception and questioned her motives. That is when his master appeared and explained Kyrtae to be a slave he picked for the express purpose of testing him. Honsu passed.
Outraged Honsu condemned his master, as his master laughed the same old laugh.
Years later as Honsu approached the age of 16, the age one becomes an adult. While attempting to play a trick on his master, as they often did to each other, Honsu stumbled upon the man meditating in a chamber of his rooms he had never seen before.
Looking closely he could see the man in a deep meditation that he had never seen before. The man seemed to be struggling to draw in the energies of the world inwards, in a peculiar manner Honsu had never seen.
It didn’t take long for him to come to the conclusion that his master was doing something forbidden. Soul-Carving, attempting to tamper with the very essence of a person. Usually the stories told that people would try to change the bodies self image, changing their looks. However all attempts led to becoming horribly disfigured and usually death. Others would say people tried to take on an aspect of an element permanently. Changing their soul into an element so they can have that element flow freely around them with supreme control. However hushed rumors told otherwise, doing so would twist a man. Turning them into a fiend. Someone who has lost their mind, and their body twisted into an amalgamation of flesh and element. Not a temporary conversion but a permanent demon. Thankfully the order hunted those.
Honsu felt the urge to find evidence and destroy the old man. However never having seen his father since he was six years old, this old man was also his only family. Other disciples scorned him for having the easy route, while the older disciples saw him as beneath their notice. Those apprenticed to other sages saw him as rivals. For his master was deeply respected. Only the old man was there.
Honsu turned a blind eye. Master Vyriol however kept up his forbidden actions.
One day his master seemed delighted, as if he had had an epiphany and it filled him with joy. He told Honsu that today things were going to change, and that previous beliefs were going to be shattered.
That night Honsu snuck into his masters chambers to read his findings. A cursory look showed them to entertain the hypothesis of divinity lying at the heart of every man. That fusing with the worlds energy into your soul cannot be done without first tapping into this divine spark stepping onto the path towards godhood. Flame Seekers, an elite regiment of World Carvers whose duty is to burn heathens, burst into his masters chambers. Dragging a husk, eyes seared out nailed to a wheel. His master, the old fool.
With no other option than being caught reading his masters forbidden texts Honsu leapt out his masters quarters. Into the grand oasis the city of Seridae was founded around.
He could not hide for long though he thought as he dried himself with flame carving, returning to his chambers. Disciples of life could track him if he tried anything, better to act as the unknowing disciple.
He was whipped beaten and set to be seared on a wheel next to his master for the eye of Surya to cast his hatred onto.
His family however used what political connections they had, probably more for their own face than his.
So instead Honsu was banished to the great dunes of Kho. Where the devourers lurk, and no man besides save barbarians live.


The southern end of the continent of Xeridia is a place where law has no grasp. Raiders thrive and the cult of the devourer flourishes.
Ages past the great fall happened. The tower of life crashed across the continent, its massive structure falling all the way to altos, the land of humans over the nine hearts sea. Named after the legend of its nine hidden treasures.
The harshness of the desert that he was spared from as a child made him wish for his masters pranks, for nothing could prepare him for the vile reality of Kho.
He traveled small villages slaughtered to the last man, enslaved to the last child and raped to the last woman. The tower’s fall brought with it the descent of the star ruins. Islands that float in the sky. So many littered the wastes of Kho that one had to stay away, eerie landmarks of an old civilization tattered and broken. Broken because its citizens were not dead yet, the avian Xeridians where much like the Avvan’s of Edgars world. Owl like in nature they once presided over all knowledge. However their leader, the Immortal Sage Xeridan himself sought to harness the power of the heart of winter. An artifact from origin, blessed with as much power as the eye of Surya himself. Some call it the god Pani’s heart. Who after binding Surya to her will and tearing out his heart, so his wrathful gaze could be directed onto his creations nourishing and punishing them equally. She tore out her own to remove her distractions.
The result was a people twisted into something vile, tainted by the regrets of a being far greater than they. In the cold desert they breathe chilled breaths, bearing distorted frames and a sadistic nature.
Not only that there is the cult of the Devourer, or as most people call them. The Worms. Men made of worms, people undergoing all manner of transformation and ritual to become closer to their god. The devourer himself, a great worm of heaven defying size. The monstrosity consumes all as it spawns wormlings that grow and cluster into men. The disgusting thing is that men let the worms feast on them, hiding within towns spreading their taint until the calls of their children bring the Devourer himself to consume all. Some academics predict that eventually, the cult of worms will bring about the end of all. As nothing is left but worms and sand.
And so Honsu travelled these wastelands. Hit every time he stopped. Hit physically by attacks. Hit mentally by betrayal and grief as those who he met and cared for died. And hit spiritually as he walked under the gaze of Surya, its taunting driving him mad.
Ten years in the wastes, if anything can break a man it is that. Honsu grew calloused, people were seared and burned on the wheel back home. Children enslaved and families slaughtered.
The wastes made that seem like a utopian ideal.
At the age of 26, Honsu had never found evidence of his masters claims from his own meditation.
The people of the wastes call the base of the tower of life, the bit that hasn’t fallen yet. The wastes of the wastes. Hell. Some people had tried to unite the wastes, or raise kingdoms. But none ever there, for inside the tower horrors lurk that supposedly make a trip to the void seem comforting. Which from the stories of the soul eaters and army consuming void entities seems surreal.
So Honsu did the only thing someone who wanted to die would do, explore hell on earth.
Unfortunately as the great stub of tower loomed over Honsu found himself falling downwards instead. A sinkhole.
Falling down into the depths of what could only be some star ruin fallen eras past. Honsu fell, then fell some more. And kept falling for what seemed an eternity.
A moment of black and he found himself staring up a length of what must be tower. But from the way the tower of life broke it must have came from up higher. Since the bit that joined to the base lay next to it half sunken.
Honsu’s body couldn’t move, he thought he could feel pain. However that felt like a thought removed from another thought. All to distant to notice. The sun lingered over. The mouth of the tower gulping down sand from the sides. One mans steps had caused an entire tower segment to be revealed.
Surya’s eye gazed upon him, as if expecting something. Honsu couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t do anything. The wrathful god will have to go find someone else. There is nothing here but a… And then it hit him, Honsu could see his own soul.
His body was dead, or the closest thing to it. Shattered on impact. However he was still there, a soul. He could also see himself, as if his vision no longer encompassed a mere three dimensions.
The light of Surya surrounded him, however it also seemed to be shining from within. Surya was said to give life to man. To create seridians, xeridians, humans and all but elves who are a byproduct of ancient magics. Dragons jealous of men.
How does one give life to that which can think and perceive thought. To do that would be like giving the power of a god to an animal.
And there it was, the spark of divinity. So small but so infinitely large. How could one miss it? At the same how could someone see it. No mortal mind could comprehend it, unless he was dead.
Honsu did what he had done his whole life. He sculpted. It was a harder substance than any other, and at the same time softer than any other. It was a contradiction that could only be god. And Honsu sculpted it into himself, shaping himself with it. Shaping his body whole, shaping himself whole. Spirit, mind and body all as one. Divine.

Awakening from his transformation Honsu awakened under a tree. A new journey awaiting.

Honsu Osiron

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