Honsu Osiron

Protector of The Multiverse, The Infinity Lich



Runes, Xeridia and Mythology.


Honsu is a 7 and a half foot tall man. With the appearance of a red demon, his skin lies a cracked tapestry of runes and wisps of flame. His flesh moves as if a molten mantle, an effect which becomes more pronounced with each passing day, his transformation turning into something that even he is unsure of.
With white hair, elongated ears and fierce horns. Honsu is noticeably inhuman, a hot blooded giant called a seridian. Far different from the normal seridian in complexion with his red hue, but in a different world he is known only as an other.8e09b1ba5826a35f450406a936bf63e9.png Honu’s old appearance depicted on the right.


Honsu Osiron was born in Seridia, a nation in the desert wastes of Xeridia. Xeridia was named after the owl like race which once occupied a impossibly tall tower in the continents centre that has now fallen, the Xeridian Civilization corrupted.

Honsu was born a merchants son and brought into the fold of the Seridian academy. Honsu’s master delved deep into the nature of the soul, carving it to change the very essence of a person, a forbidden topic amongst the academy. He distrusts most personal connections due to being deceived and taught by his master that such connections hinder the mind, a deception Honsu is likely to never forget, as his only friend was a slave bought for the exact purpose of teaching Honsu this lesson.
His master was found heretic, a soul warper, instead of being executed like his master was Honsu was spared and cast into the wastes to meet a possibly worse fate.

During his wondering he came across the scattered encampments and frontiers that were beset on all sides by the horrors of the wastes. Honsu is not proud of what he had to do to survive but knows it was necessarily.

Honsu made pilgrimage to the wretched heart of the wastes, to the fallen tower itself. He fell into a buried and forgotten segment of the tower in the sands.

At the bottom of this tower Honsu lie broken, uncertain if he was dead or alive. He found he could perceive his own soul, and from within he drew a power taht felt as bright as sunlight. Reforming himself in a explosion that ripped him from his world and brought him to the nexus.

Honsu Osiron

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