Sevatar Harrow

A Charming Speaker who Leads, Mayor of Vessimere



Fast Talk, get other people do a reasonable action.
Entrall, grab and keep another creatures attention.
Spin Identity, convince a group of people that I am someone or something that I’m not.
Erase Memories, erase up to 5 minutes of someones memory.
Good Advice, when I give someone good advice they find the stated task easier.
Impart Ideal, an individual will accept a particular ideal that I tell them too. Eg “Children should be seen and not heard.”
Babel, I can instantly understand another language on the Nexus, and now my lips sync up to what I’m saying, that way I’m indistinguishable from a native of this world.
Mind Reading, I can read the surface thoughts of a being within short range.
Grand Deception, I convince an intelligent creature of anything that I choose.
Oratory, I can convince a large group of creatures to take an reasonable action.
Command, by exerting my force of will a creature will follow a non-suicidal order that i give it.
Empathetic Manipulation, I can cause creatures around me to feel relaxed, awe, discomfort or paranoid.


Influencing Minds-Specialised
All Social Interactions-Specialised
Intellect Defense-Trained
Retaining Information-Inability
Might Related Tasks-Inability


Mayor of Vessimere

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The Unbound

Sevatar has teamed up with 5 Others to resolve the problems of this world, these Others are Honsu Osiron, Tylar Pern, Dr. Edgar Islington, Idrius and Old Mildred.

Through solving problems for the Mayor of Vessimere, Sevatar became the Vice-Mayor of Vessimere and was charged with leading a strike force to expand the borders of Vessimere into Shiraqi lands. Only Honsu Osiron was aware of this plan.

Since Tylar Pern’s cold blooded murder of a gang of thieves, Sevatar will be keeping a much closer eye on Tylar and his “activities”.

Sevatar gained the service of 11 survivors from the Nuxvar tragedy. He plans to form the Nexus’ first Corvi unit from those that are loyal and capable enough.

With the failure of the war against the Shiraqi steps will need to be taken to ensure that Campbell Suit‘s incompetence doesn’t have an impact on Sevatars ambitions.

Sevatar has organised a peace deal with the Shiraqi and managed to pin the blame on Campbell Suit. Now all that is required is to ensure Suit doesn’t squeal about Sevatars involvement.
With the Shiraqi and Asmar Republic now at peace along with Campbell Suit in the custody of the Shiraqi, Sevatar has become the Mayor of Vessimere.

Sevatar now aims to become the Governor of the Southern Province of Asmar. He also subscribes to the belief that the beings trapped in the Haze Tree, Lance Stone and Base Crystal are responsible for bringing him to the Nexus. In addition he believes that Anima isn’t what she claims she is and that she isn’t to be trusted.

With the recent conflict between Sevatar and Tylar, Sevatar’s resolve to remove the crime syndicate from Vessimere has become much stronger. In addition a way to control Tylar will have to be created as he is danger to every other member of the Unbound.

Sevatar has formed a political alliance with the Mayor of Metronome, Biggles. Via this arrangement Sevatar earns the income of a factory owner while Vessimere and Metronome trade their goods between the two towns.

It has been discovered that Maria Whiteridge is a strong contender for the Empress of Asmar, Sevatar intends to find her and deliver her to the Asmar Republic.


Sevatar of the House Harrow originates from the world Auctorius.

Auctorius is a land of dense temperate forests and lakes. Jutting out of the forests are the enormous stone manors of the noble houses that rule over Auctorius. These noble houses are always vying for more control over Auctorius. The houses are predominately made up of serfs, militia and Corvi. The noble families of each house have powers that allow them to influence the minds of every other person on the planet.

House Harrow is a relatively minor house in the large scheme of things and Sevatar is the 9th child of the noble family ruling this house. As one of the younger members of this family he was very low down the line of succession and it was extremely unlikely that he would ever get an important position. As a result of this Sevatar was viewed as largely expendable by the more important members of his family and was sent on “diplomatic” missions to other houses that were deemed too risky by the rulers of his family.

On one of these missions Sevatar was sent with a squad of militia to infiltrate a manor that belonged to House Saul. Once Sevatar managed to enter the manor he discovered that this whole mission was an ambush to kill him and to give House Harrow an excuse to go to all out war with House Saul. Sevatar and his squad of militia managed to fight their way to a vault room that contained many odd items and weapons, in desperation Sevatar begun to activate many of these oddities in the hopes that one would save him.

As it turned out activating these oddities caused Sevatar to be transported to a new world. As Sevatar was quick to discover he is unique among this world as no one he has encountered shares his mind influencing abilities.

This gives him an obvious advantage when it comes to politics and other social interactions. An advantage that Sevatar intends to exploit.

Sevatar Harrow

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