Cypher ~ The Unbound

To the Lands of Nightmare!

We're here to get rich right?

We begin this tale in with Sevatar speaking to Maria Whitehead. Through describing his various deeds to Maria he gains her trust. Sevatar also informs Maria that the Quiet Men are after her, she appears to be extremely afraid of them and decides that she must go into hiding. Before she does so she gives Sevatar a summoning stone that when activated will alert her to Sevatars location. Togther, Maria and Sevatar fight a Rok that had been threatening a nearby town. Sevatar is carried up the mountain before convincing the Rok that it should go elsewhere. 


Sevatar hikes the rest of the way up the mountain before arriving at the Lyndon Monastery. There he bumps into a strange individual that goes by the name of Ash Williams. Ash want him to read his strange book bound in "flesh". Sevatar kindly declines and meets up with the rest of the party as they are leaving Lyndons room.

It is decided that the Unbound plus Ash Williams will grab some Salamander venom to deliver to an Ultan contact before they finally heading into the Nightmare Lands. The Salander attack goes off without a hitch. Edgar suffering the only wound when he makes and explosive mistake when cutting up a venom sack. 

The Unbound head back to the Halidom of Ultan and deliver the venom to Dr. Kaboom. Why they think this is a good idea is beyond Sevatar. But afterwards the Unbound finally head to the Nightmare Lands, which they have been putting off for weeks. Sevatar has to say goodbye to his bodyguards as the Concordia (the airship) does not have enough space now that Jockser has taken their spaces. 

The journey will take 2 days so everyone sleeps halfway through the trip. During this sleep the shadow creature that has been hounding the Unbound since the beginning attacks them. Thankfully Sevatar and Ash are on point and manage to force the creature back into its portal before forcefully closing it. Everyone then settles in a lovely nights rest. 

Upon arrival into the Nightmare Lands the party decides to go to the Samatek Ruins due to the fact that is has been rarely explored and likely contains many goodies for the taking.  When they get there the Unbound explore the nearby Ziggurat. In the Ziggurat they discover a vault full of rare gems and cyphers.  It is in that vault that this tale ends. 




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