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  • Haze Tree

    The Haze Tree is the tree that the party first woke up under. It's connection to dimensional travel is unknown, however it is one of the three locations mentioned in the phrases everyone woke up hearing.

    Looking at, or being near the …

  • Lance Stone

    One of the three locations mentioned in the phrases that others are told upon arriving in the Nexus.

    Lies in the Northern Region of the Asmar Republic.

    The Lance Stone has many runes  seemingly carved into its surface. They are …

  • Leonard

    A hunter staying in a lodge near the [[Haze Tree | Haze Tree]]. Friends with [[:saul | Saul]]. When alone, Leonard likes to practice winking. He still hasn't mastered it.

  • Saul

    A hunter that was staying in a lodge near the [[Haze Tree | Haze Tree]]. Pals with [[:leonard | Leonard]]. Saul once made out with a fish person that arrived from the Haze Tree. He has never told a soul.

  • Barry

    A clerk that works for the mayor of Hogsfoot, [[:jemal | Jemal]]. On his days off, Barry visits his mother's grave. She's not dead yet, but he likes to plan ahead.

  • Jemal

    Jemal is the mayor of Hogsfoot. Jemal suspects that he might be an Other, but the world he came from is exactly identical in every way except some small key differences that he can't quite put his finger on.

  • Katy

    Blacksmith of Hogsfoot. Once charged the party with retrieving the lantern of a lanternfish. Katy has 11 toes. She used to have 12, but lost one in a fishing related incident.

  • Luther

    Banker for the Hogsfoot branch of the Prosperity bank. Luther doesn't know what a piano is, and at this point, he's afraid to ask.

  • George

    Banker for the Hogsfoot branch of the Pinnacle Bank. He also knows [[:theodore | Theodore]]. They met at a company summit, where they bonded over their mutual love of cheese on toothpicks.

  • Theodore

    Theodore is in charge of the Pinnacle Emporium in Tyrel City. He has ties back to Ozmez, and is very interested in gathering oddities to send back there, or to sell at the emporium.

  • Cog Swerth

    Cog tries his best, but he's not the sharpest crayon in the shed. Originally worked for [[:larament-fogrend | Larament Fogrend]] in Tyrel City, he is now working for [[:sevatar-harrow | Sevatar Harrow]].

  • Pontrana Yulemar

    Runs the Vesimir post office. Might be Geliek, I don't remember. Pontrana has a crush on a travelling bard that played in the town one time. She commissioned a painting of him for her bedroom wall.

  • Campbell Suit

    Campbell Suit is a shining example of a politician with no backbone and little care for the health and well-being of his constituents, unless it affects his re-election prospects. He's the Mayor of Vesimir. He has been framed for the Shiraqi-Asmar war …

  • Haeven Valentines

    Haeven is a Lyndonnnite living in Vesimir, trying to spread the teachings of [[Lyndon, the Living God]]. When he was first encountered, he was getting the (figurative) shit kicked out of him by some (literal) shitty townsfolk.

  • Judy-Anne

    Judy-Anne is a simple woman with a simple job. She ferries people up and down Kip Rill for money. She also collects her own toenail clippings, but don't expect that to ever come up in conversation.

  • Owen Francis

    Owen Francis is the owner of one of the three major factories that are dumping pollution into the river. He is, at least, changing things now, if only because he makes more money this way.

  • Edgar Stokes

    Edgar Stokes is the foreman of [[:owen-francis | Owen Francis']] factory. He has had his face beaten in by [[:tyrus | Tyrus]]. Though dead now, he does have some sort of cult-ish following in Vesimir that are opposed to the Shiraqi.

  • Yondremed Werverand

    Yondremed is the local crime boss of Vesimir. He is of Geliek heritage, which means he is quite short. Yondremed began his criminal career by stealing the village women's dirty underwear and selling them to... enthusiasts.

  • Rafpmoal Yulevon

    Rathmal works for [[:yondremed | Yondremed]]. Her exact job and skillset is unknown, but she does appear to be good at hiding. In fact, Rathmal has only ever played one game of hide and seek. She has yet to be found by the seeker.

  • Orlando

    Orlando runs the House of Bards, an Inn within the settlement of Domswich. Orlando is actually is last name. His mother died giving birth to him and said that his name should be "Han or Lando". So his name, naturally, is "Han Orlando".

  • Jeffry Swigglebottom

    Mr. Swigglebottom is the Mayor of Domswich. Swigglebottom, isn't his real name, he doesn't know what his real name is. He woke up in a field outside of town with no pants on and a lack of any memories, about ten years ago. Everyone else in town knows …

  • Beth

    Beth is the tall, broad-shouldered Innkeeper of the Low-level Trader, an Inn in Levihaka. Beth is the youngest of ten brothers. His mother desperately wanted a girl.

  • Gwen

    Gwen is a local townswoman of Levihaka. She's a simple woman of simple pleasures. She had a run in once with the [[The Others | Other]] Rasputin. She would like him to return. Gwen can throw knitting needles with pinpoint accuracy, a skill she uses to …

  • Burik Wagner

    Wagner is the blacksmith of Levihaka. He mostly does simple smithing jobs for the small township, but also has a fondness for great swords and engraving. Whenever he sees a new great sword that he would like to have, he says: "This would make a fine …

  • Jarret Eddy

    Jarret lived in Nuxvar all his life, until the shadows came. He has since escaped to Domswich and plans to head farther south when possible. Jarret married his sister, but she moved away when they discovered they were related. He tells people she ran off …

  • Fern Trudeau

    Fern Trudeau is the mayor of Ram's Horn, a small township located not too far north of Domswich. Fern Trudeau was born Fenny Trudeau, a woman. One day she put a strange belt on that swapped her gender. He found that it suited him much better and did not …

  • Vera Yoosh

    Vera is the mayor of Keld. Vera is an avid reader, and has books imported in from the city to sustain her voracious appetite for stories. She encourages reading among her constituents, but has had minimal success in doing so.

  • Igor

    Igor is man with with an unspecified job that lives in Keld with his wife. Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that his wife no longer respects him, he does his best to provide a safe environment for her and the other townsfolk. He does this by …

  • Dur Potayta

    Alongside his companions; Doe Deer, Ray Golden, May Name and Far Goh; Dur is a recently recruited trainee for a force that belongs to... well... someone. (Sevatar)

  • Fitz Mobly

    Fitz Mobly is a cranky old man that used to be a guard. He likes to whip young whippersnappers into shape, literally. He'll do it for free too. Although he uses a cane, he doesn't need it to walk. He just uses it to beat people.

  • Bethel Hamilton

    Bethel Hamilton is the current Governor of the southern parts of the Asmar republic, which includes Vesimir and Bexly. She knits when she's nervous. She doesn't knit very often.

  • Biggles

    Biggles is the recently promoted Mayor of Metronome after his predecessor was killed by [[:forgotten | Forgotten]]. Biggles and [[:sevatar-harrow | Sevatar Harrow]] have arranged a mutually beneficial arrangement between Metronome and Vessimere.

  • Terrance Garris

    Terrance is the governor of Hullbeck and is currently trying to deal with the problems that Rasputin in causing. He seems amicable and was willing to help the party solve this problem.

  • Lyndon

    Lyndon meditates within a mountain-top monastery, and has achieved a form of immortality by both accepting but not embracing death, or something. While meditating his spirit wanders the mutiverse, just hanging around, looking at stuff, being pretty chill …