Haze Tree

The Haze Tree is the tree that the party first woke up under. It's connection to dimensional travel is unknown, however it is one of the three locations mentioned in the phrases everyone woke up hearing.

Looking at, or being near the Haze Tree appears to incite nausea in people. Observing it from afar through some far-seeing device will invoke the same feeling. It appears the the more details you can see of the tree, the more nauseous the person will be.

The Haze Tree seems to function as some sort of prison for a Dark-one known as Hazer. Though he seems to have slipped his bonds somehow, possessing or somehow using Oliver to do so.

Hazer has a brother, Lancer, who is similarly trapped within the Lance Stone. There is also assumed to be another called Baser. They are somehow connected to a chaos god, Zaidishar.

Lies within the Asmar Republic.

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Haze Tree

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