Without a better name for this strange world, that appears to be where all other worlds connect to, it has been dubbed the Nexus.

It is a flat world. It spins around a central axis. It has a sun, but no moon. Atmospheric interference prevents one from seeing too far in any one direction.

It has a significant landmass, the continent of Hemas. It is unknown as yet if there are other significant landmasses. There are islands, however, like the Geliek Archipelago.

The world itself has some strange properties. Besides being some sort of link or endpoint for dimensional travelers, known as Others, those that arrive quickly pick up the local languages after hearing them for a bit, and can understand all other Others immediately.

Most dimensions appear to share some common lifeforms, humans, birds, trees, plants, but it also has its own unique creatures, unless they too are Others.

The land is divided into several separate kingdoms. They are:

The Asmar Republic

The largest kingdom. It's capital city is Tyrel, where rules the president. Also the home of the Immortal Emperor, Leonard/Ulmair.

Governors rule over the various provinces. Known ones are:

  • Phillip, of Erast.
  • Terrence, of Hulbek.
  • Bethel Hamilton, of Vesemir.

Other cities are:

  • Tyrel
  • Grimsby
  • Tillyhead
  • Bexly


Also known as the Ozmez Plutocracy. It is ruled by the Megat family, who also run the Pinnacle Bank.

The capital city is Tul'Meg.

Ult Highlands

Also known as the Halidom of Ultan. Populated by odd people that have steam power.


Or the Kendrian Kingdom. It's a monarchy.


Home of the Shiraqi people, the guys that are currently coming in behind in the current game of Civilization.

Hooberon Tower

An small independent state within the Asmar Republic. Includes the land around the base of the aforementioned tower. Includes the cities of:

  • Carthage
  • Carthik
  • Crete

This is the place where airships are built.


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