The Others

In our travels we have heard tales of other "Others". Though we have yet to encounter any, here are a list of Others we have encountered thus far:


Steve is a lizardman other. He, at some point, traveled through the town of Hogsfoot, though this may have been some time ago. Whether he is the same person as Steven Exposition, is unknown.


An Other engineer. He seems to be responsible for the technological advances in the Kendral Kingdom. Steam power, boilers and the like.


A mysterious wanderer, somehow connected to the shadows consuming towns. Said to wear a ragged cloak, be dark and sickly, tall and skinny, cursed by the gods, a beast that howls and all sorts of things. Rumors or not, he does seem to be haunted by something.


Rasputin is a homeless-looking homeless man. Despite this, he seems to be a hit with the ladies. He presumably emerged from the Lance Stone at the same time that we emerged from the Haze Tree. He went to Levihaka before climbing Mount Ozmez and heading on to Eravale.

Kelsier Harrow

Kelsier arrived about a year ago, emerging near the Base Crystal.  He came from Sevatar's world, leaving in a similar manner to Sevatar. He has spent mst of his time consulting with Salvador and trying to ascend to the Hooberon Tower, which he eventually managed.


A crazy old mage man that lives in Crete. Currently on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit.

Harrid the Red

Harrid is a rough adventuring type. He emerged from the Base Crystal at the same time as Kelsier.


Norad is some sort of android. He arrived at the same time and place as Kelsier. He appears to be a helpful sort, and humanoid in appearance.

James Redshirt

A man with no special abilities. He died not long after arriving from the Base Crystal at the same time as Kelsier.

The Others

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